Terrorist group ISIS have a plot to kill Australia players

Sudipta / 29 August 2016

Last year in October, Cricket Australia pulled out their team from the Bangladesh tour due to a threat of terrorist attack. Bangladesh has become an unsafe place for the foreigners in the last few years. So Australian sent a team of security officials to Bangladesh who asked Cricket Australia to pull out the team from the Bangladesh tour.

However, but the exact reason was unknown so far. But, now we know why!

Former Bangladesh cricket head of performance Mal Loye told the Daily Mail quit his position in the subcontinent nation after learning of an ISIS terrorist plot to take out the cricketers.

Finally, the reasons why CA  pulled Australia out of the tour has never been made  public, but Lov has lifted the curtain, explaining shocking details of the threat.

He also revealed he believed the same terrorists chopped the head of an Italian tourist who went to morning walk a short time later.

“The week I left, the Australian team didn’t turn up because the terrorists had planned to take us out when we had an event sorted with the touring team,” Loye said.

“My boss’s wife was arranging the event with the Australians. The Australian Government saw the plans from the underworld guys about what was going to happen. The plans didn’t work out for the terrorists because the Australian team didn’t arrive there.

“The Italians got shot that week. The terrorists obviously thought they’d take a few people out while they were there. That was enough for me. I knew after the shootings that my freedom as a westerner had gone.”

Now after this revelation, England team’s Bangladesh tour is reportedly under consideration? The tour will start on October 9. But ECB said that they will not force any player for this tour.

However, this revelation will not make happy the BCB officials who have been trying hard to continue cricket at their home since Australians pulled out  at the last minute.

England is afraid because of the recent Dhaka café attack where  more than 20 persons, mostly foreigners died.