Ravi Shastri the Indian team director said one day batting has led to decline in the art of batting time and grafting for runs, thinks the technique was more important on the pitches like the ones in Mohali and Nagpur. The Indian and South African batsmen need to apply themselves after he hope to have similar pitch for the fourth test match in Delhi.

“Nothing wrong with it [pitches produced for the Test series],” Shastri told ESPNcricinfo. “I would hope the one in Delhi is absolutely the same. I have no qualms about it.

“It just goes to show that with the amount of one-day cricket being played, the tendency to graft, the tendency to spend long hours at the crease is diminishing. It’s only when you play on tracks like this that you realize that you got to spend time at the crease.

“And when you saw Hashim [Amla] and Faf [du Plessis] batting yesterday, you thought there was nothing in the pitch. It just goes to show there was an era earlier who would play on these pitches and people would get hundreds. Because they were prepared to go through the grind.

“I think if someone had applied himself he would have got 80-odd, 90-odd, even a hundred,” Shastri said. “The way [Murali] Vijay was playing he would have got a hundred.

“These days the modern day batsmen are not willing to grind and play a long innings. With advent of T20 and One day cricket the batsmen are willing to hit more shots instead of grafting an innings.”

In the Nagpur, Murali Vijay was the highest score with 40 runs. In the Nagpur test match India scored 215 in the first innings and 173 in the second innings while South Africa was bowled out for 79 and 185 while chasing 310.






“Nothing wrong with that [matches finishing inside three days]. It [Nagpur] was a Test match that was moving all the time. You compare this Test to the Test match in Perth, I would pay money for a ticket for this game, yaar. To hell with the five days. You go and sit for the last two days there.

“These days the test matches are finishing inside three days as the match between Australia and New Zealand.

The batsman needs to apply themselves on turning pitches. The India- South Africa test series is an example of that where the match in Mohali ended inside three days and the third test match also ended in three days.”


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