Ending up the innings of opponent batsmen is a natural that a bowler can do, but ending up someone’s life? That’s odd. And there is only one player in the history of cricket who has been hanged as punishment for being proved as a convict of murder.

Leslie George Hylton born in the year 1905 was a West Indian fast bowler who played for his country during the years 1935 to 1939. He had been selected for 6 matches. In his debut series against England, he played in 4 matches to pick 13 wickets. But in the next series following his average performance, he decided to quit first-class cricket and become civil service, foreman.

Hylton eventually fell in love with the daughter of Jamaican Police inspector Lurline Rose. Despite the differences in their social status as Lurline was superior, they got married in the year 1942. But things changed after 12 years.

Leslie George Hylton

Lurline had her own business of garments-making for which she used to travel here and there quite often, mostly to New York. In 1954, Hylton got an anonymous letter that stated her wife was having an affair with a guy named Roy Francis. Hylton immediately asked his wife to return home and when she did so, in presence of her mother and some other family members, the whole matter was dismissed as Lurline denied every charge against her saying Francis was just another friend.

But, the issue did not really resolve. Some days later, Hylton came to know that his wife was regularly writing letters to Francis. This time while he charged her, she did not only admitted everything but also went on adding that she was never really happy about her marital life as the difference in cast and status had disturbed her ever since.

All these were enough for Hylton to shoot Lurline seven times though in the court in his own defense he said he was trying to shoot his own self and missed. On 17th may, 1955 Hylton was hanged to death as per the court’s order making him the only cricketer to be convicted of murder and to be hanged.

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