The Major League Cricket for 2024 Season has a new powerful partner 1

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On the 2nd of April, 2024, Cognizant Major League Cricket announced that they would be partnering with for the MLC 2024 season.

The social casino, online gaming and sports betting brand is now the official sponsor for the American T20 League. They’ve signed a multi-year deal to support the MLC’s second season this summer.

For cricket fans in the United States and around the globe, this new strategic partnership is great news. With a strong financial backer supporting the league so early on in it’s history, there’s no doubt that the viewing experience for both casual fans and dedicated bettors will be greatly boosted.

A summer of cricket with

When asked for comment on the partnership, Stake’s Chief Marketing Officer stated, “We thoroughly enjoyed MLC’s inaugural season in 2023 and jumped at the chance to become an Official Partner for 2024 and beyond. With the T20 World Cup taking place on US soil later in the year, we see this as a breakout year for cricket in the US and can’t wait to be a part of it.”

The partnership will allow Stake to be among the first betting platforms in line to connect with a passionate and rapidly growing American fanbase.

As for the fans, they can expect to see splashes of the brand’s logo throughout coverage for the season, which will officially begin on the 4th of July, just 4 days after the 2024 T20 World Cup wraps up. Along with prominent branding, fans may also look forward to participating in a number sponsored contests throughout the season. is also proud to be holding a prestigious honor this year at the league’s final. They are sponsoring the MVP of the Tournament award for the season’s top performing player. According to the official press release, this will add some needed recognition and weight to this already coveted award.

Last year’s MVP winner was Nicholas Pooran due to his spectacular display of athleticism in last year’s explosive championship final. After South African cricketer Aiden Markram’s incredible catch earlier this year, it’s clear that 2024 is gearing up to be an exceptional year for cricket excellence, even more so now that has entered the fold.

What does this mean for bettors?

The partnership will likely be a cause for celebration among betting fans. The brand already has a great track record when it comes to growing and elevating sporting fan communities. MLC’s co-founder backs up this claim. In a statement, Srinivasan mentioned that he believes the partnership will bring the growth American cricket needs to flourish for many years to come.

The brains behind the MLC believe that, with as a partner, the continued growth of the league is in good hands. In a statement, MLC’s co-founder Vijay Srinivasan said, “We’re excited to be partnering with a renowned company that supports many global sports properties.”

If fans of the MLC aren’t already familiar with Stake’s offering, now would be a great time to look into what the platform has in store for cricket and other sporting events this year. Not only is the platform highly regarded by seasoned bettors, newcomers can use the following promo code for to effectively triple an initial deposit and get started placing wagers with the casino operator.

With the MLC tournament still a few weeks away, it will quickly become clear what other benefit Stake’s bettor’s can expect to see. Based on previous sponsorships, there’s a good chance bettors might see expanded betting options for MLC matches. There also might be other exclusive promotions on offer closer to the event.

Casual fans might want to look into Stake’s platform too, even if betting isn’t their style. The site will no doubt offer some form of educational resources for people to learn more about the league and it’s players along with live statistic feeds for cricket fans who love to get stuck into extra facts and figures.

This isn’t Stake’s first rodeo

With the MLC partnership secured, is expanding its already surprisingly extensive sports sponsorship portfolio. Most notably, the brand has previously become a title sponsor for a Formula One team and secured sponsorship deals with the UFC and Everton FC.

The brand has enjoyed a meteoric rise due, in part, by partnering with major sporting events. In just three short years, the previously unknown betting platform has processed an absolutely mind-blowing 45 billion sports gaming bets. The reasons behind this success has everything to do with Stake’s commitment to favorable odds, instant withdrawals and immensely thrilling promotions.

There’s little to no doubt that the timing of this MLC partnership is no accident. appears to recognize the immense potential of American cricket, especially with the T20 World Cup also set to take place in the United States later this year. If cricket can become a major sport in the country with the same level of prestige as Major League Basketball or the NFL, this would open up a lucrative new betting market.

When the season officially gets underway this July, there’s a good chance that the already exciting sport that is T20 Cricket will be even more action packed than ever. With Stake’s expertise guiding community building and facilitating safe and transparent betting, fans of all shapes and sizes will be in for a real cricket-themed treat.