The man behind brand Virat Kohli
The man behind brand Virat Kohli

In the 21st century, if cricket needs an ambassador to show off the full range of batting skills and talent demanded by the three formats of the game, Virat Kohli would be the first choice.

He excelled in all three formats of the game.

Indian batting star Virat Kohli has created a storm after he was recognized as the 8th most popular athlete in the world. The skilled, fashionable, hungry batsman has become the face of cricket in the world.

He rose in international in 2008, just after fifth months of his triumph in the 2008 ICC U-19 World Cup.

The teenager proved himself ready for international cricket. Virat’s flurry of stroke play made him one of the best cricketers in the world.

He since teenage graduated in cricket. The innings he played for Delhi against Karnataka in Ranji Trophy the best come out of him under pressure.

During the tense match, when Karnataka had sensed that the win is a matter of time, the fatal news of Kohli’s life came his father Prem Kohli died due to cardiac arrest. Toddler Kohli was struck by pain, but he had to fulfill his father’s dream to for India national team. So his mother asked him to continue in the match. Delhi was on the verge of humiliating defeat. But, Kohli with pain in his heart rattled Karnataka bowlers and showed his character at crunch time of his life and for the team.

Kohli saved the match but his innings was cut short by an umpire. Kohli watched the TV replay and convinced that he was not out and then left for the funeral ceremony.

That day a rebel was born in Kohli. His chase against tough opponents like Australia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka was a tribute to his father.

In a game where performing overseas is regarded as the benchmark of quality Virat was always at his best there.

In India at 27 he is a celebrity instantly recognizable, commercially omnipresent and socially sought. His dashing look, mischievous eyes visible on hoardings and advertising campaigns all over India.

He has 10.9 million twitter follower and  27.3 million on facebook. He has opened a nationwide gym chain and starts up the business adventure  with footballer Greth Bale, the highest ranked British footballer at No 12 in ESPN’s World Fame 100.Kohli also part owns a “breakaway-youth fashion” line called “Wrogn” with a tagline “be your own hero”.

In real life, he is dating with leading Bollywood actress  Anushka Sharma.

Though Virat’s popularity has to do with the strength of the game in India and scale of audience. But his consistency and improvement also helped him.

He is very quick to learn  and smart enough to not repeat the mistake and completely professional . “Eat, sleep and repeat.” His approach.

“If you want to be consistent, you need to be boring with your training, your food , and your batting habits” , Kohli has said. “You can’t take sport for granted”.

In 2014-15 Australia tour he played as a stop gap captain where he fought with the Australian bowlers and proved himself as the most potent competitor of Aussies at their home. His aggression nd batting style represents the Indian youth’s phycology.

But who had unearthed this special talent from the highly populated Indian capital New Delhi?

It was in 2007/8 emerging player tournament in Australia when a group of talent scouting team was tracking Virat Kohli. But the man who identified Virat watched him in the 2008 ICC U-19 World Cup. Virat failed with the bat after showing some spark. However, while fielding he showed his captaincy skills as he was leading India with authority. Players were bound to listen to his instruction

Later Bunty Sharma requested Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh to introduce Virat with him. Bunty is CEO of Mumbai-based talent management agency Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment.

Bunty since 2005 has started working with Yuvraj Singh- the greatest ever match winner India ever got.

The sports management professionals rise happened with Virat’s rise in international cricket. With Virat already established himself as one of most makeable sportspersons in the world because of his style, fashion quotient, fitness and more importantly his performance on the field.

But, who could be next Virat? Bunty told they had already sung two or three players whom they think can be a great star in international cricket in near future. “Of course! We’ve already identified a couple of youngsters coming up through the ranks. I don’t know if they’ll be the next Virat – that could be a tall order – but they’re definitely players who can make it to the top”, confident Bunty said.

Shreyas Iyer, 21, the Mumbai batsman who scored more than a thousand runs this season in Ranji trophy that helped Mumbai to win the 41st Ranji Trophy.

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