Video: The most controversial dismissal of 2015

Krishna Chopra / 29 December 2015

As 2015 comes to a closure, it is time to rewind back and ponder upon the controversies of the year. There were several controversies surrounding the game this year, but surely none bigger than the dismissal of England all-rounder Ben Stokes against Australia.

The incident occurred at the Lord’s Cricket Stadium, during the 2nd ODI between England and Australia on the 5th of September. While chasing 310 to win the game, Stokes was always going to be a crucial player for England lower down the order.

In the 26th over, Stokes drove the ball back towards the bowler, Mitchell Starc. In response, Starc threw the ball ferociously in the direction of Stokes. In order to protect his face, Stokes put forward his hand and thereby stopped the ball from hitting the stumps. The Australians went up straight away and soon, Stokes was ruled out for obstructing the field.

This led to the Lord’s crowd booing the Australians and the two captains were seen involved in an animated discussion. The incident drew a lot of criticism as some felt that Australia should have withdrawn the appeal. “It’s difficult, when a guy throws a ball at you from 5 yards its difficult to get out of the way, it was what it was. The decision was given. Yep would have withdrawn the appeal,” was what England skipper Eoin Morgan said about the incident in the post match presentation.

Check out the video below, to have a look at the controversial incident.

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