This is one of The Most Cruel Way of Getting Knocked Out Of the Tournament

The Group B game of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games between Kuwait and Maldivies is expected to be a blockbuster as winner of the match will qualify for the quarter finals to face Bangladesh. There were heavy showers outside the Yeonhui Cricket Stadium which forced the match to be abandoned without a ball being bowled. It looked all set for a super over to determine the winners. But minutes before the Super over, the rain gods opened once again and ruled out a possibility of getting atleast one over from either sides.

The super Over wasn’t possible and then came came the cruelest way of determining the winner i.e. the coin toss. The captain winning the toss will go through to the quarters to face Bangladesh. The 58 year old Kuwaiti captain  Bastaki Mahmoud tossed the coin and Maldivies captain Ahmed Hassan called Tails. Unfortunately for the Maldivies skipper, the coin was displaying heads and as a result of thatKuwait won the match and qualified for the quarters.

Kuwait will now face Bangladesh in the Quarter Finals on 1 October 2014.


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