The sport of cricket is aptly titled as the “Gentleman’s game”, as it involves completely respecting the opponents. The respect is there not just for the opponents, but all the stakeholders of the game such as fans.

However, at times, there are instances, which bring this lovely sport into disrepute. Over the years, there have been some really ugly confrontations and episodes in the game, which have unquestionably dampened the spirit of the game, and acted as deterrents for the well being of the sport.

But no fight or episode is more discussed than the fight between Australian pacer Dennis Lillee and Pakistani batting legend Javed Miandad. The incident took place at Perth in November 1981, when Pakistan toured Australia for a test series under the captaincy of Javed Miandad.

Needing an improbable 543 to win in the fourth innings, it was just a matter of time before the Pakistanis were rolled over. However, Miandad was known to be a stern batsman, and he had the ability to grind it out in the middle. Another feature about Miandad was that he actively took part in sledging episodes and gave it back to the opposition with his words.

However, in the fourth innings, as Miandad was completing a run, he was blocked by Lillee, who stood in the way. Miandad collided with him, and the two exchanged a few heated words. Till date, both maintain that the other person began the confrontation. Lille however, had enough, and was seen kicking Miandad on his thighs. An enraged Miandad struck back and raised his bat, as if to hit Lillee.

Lillee leant back and then forward, before the two were eventually separated. Till date, this remains the ugliest episode in cricket between two players. Below, is the video of the shameful incident. 

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