Video: 'The pursuit of commerce and human greed', kills gentleman’s game cricket: Film

Sudipta / 26 July 2015

Once cricket was reckoned as public institution for morals that is why the game was regarded as the game of gentleman. But, nowadays politeness and sense of fair play have been replaced by a cut-throat competition of clandestine multimillion dollar deals which are strangling the game, a new film “Death of a Gentleman” claims.

The movie will be released today (Sunday) in London, exposes the global game is now driven by “the pursuit of commerce and human greed,” which is the main reason of decline of Test cricket.

Two cricket writers Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber conducted a four investigation on cricket’s administrative system. They did not find any illegal activities, but he real crime, in the film-makers’ eyes, is that public apathy has allowed those in charge to operate without proper scrutiny.

To change the governing system of cricket Collins has launched the #changecricket Twitter campaign to drive a petition calling for the governments of India, England and Australia to lobby their national boards to adopt independent governance. Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid also supported this film, he says “cricket is the greatest game, it’s game worth supporting.” He requested fans to support “Death of Gentleman.”

“The film’s basic message is that cricket lovers should know they are being screwed over by boards single-mindedly driven by the pursuit of commerce and greed,” Collins told The Independent on Sunday.





“A lack of independent regulation means cricket is being run in a way that fans become chequebooks and players become pawns. Things can change – but we need people to lobby their MPs and to call for independent accountability. ”

The film blamed three international cricket boards – England and Wales Cricket Broad (ECB), Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Cricket Australia (CA)- that effectively control the game ; and take 52 per cent of International Cricket Council (ICC)’s total revenue home. These Big 3s are also blamed for the demise of cricket’s ethnic form –Test Cricket, which is being allowed to shrivel as administrators are interested in the profits of faster forms of the game, – ODI and T20.

In 2011, ICC commissioned Woolf Report which recommended extensive changes to cricket’s current governing system, but none of them have been implemented.

Official Trailer of “Death of a Gentel man”

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