Thinking was right, execution not – MS Dhoni

Krishna Chopra / 27 August 2016

After doing all the hard work and batting like genuine champions, it was eventually one ball that made all the difference. In a T20I where 489 runs were scored, all it needed was one cleverly disguised slow delivery to seal the fate of the match for West Indies. After needing to defend just 8 off the last over, it should have been India’s game hands down. But rather what happened was a one-run victory for the West Indies as MS Dhoni was dismissed on the last ball with 2 needed.

Post the painful defeat, Dhoni mentioned in the post match presentation that his tactic to not go for the big shot was right. However, the Indian skipper added that he couldn’t execute the shot properly, and thus it went straight into the hands of Marlon Samuels.

MS Dhoni, about the last ball, said: “The last ball, the thinking was right but the execution was wrong. Everything is judged by execution.”

“I think it was an amazing game,” said Dhoni. I could not have expected anything more from the batting unit. The last ball, the thinking was right but execution was not. When it came to bowling, the last 8 overs were good.

“When it came to bowling, the last 8 overs were good. That was the main thing (India’s batting during the chase), if you are too much behind, the run-rate starts going beyond 15. What really helps in that scenario is that as the lower order comes to bat, you are still in the chase,” Dhoni added.

Dwayne Bravo, who bowled an exceptional final over, elaborated on his mindset before the final delivery. “Knowing MS, I would know he would play the safer shot and try to take the game to the Super Over. I knew he was going to target mid-wicket, so I put in the short mid-wicket. I actually didn’t want to bowl a slower ball, but I saw Dhoni move closer and that is when I decided to bowl the slower one at the last moment,” said Bravo.

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