Earlier it was M.S. Dhoni who nearly made Rohit Sharma a spoilt brat by giving him ‘N’ number of chances to adjust him in the limited overs squad and now it is Virat Kohli who is following the trend of his predecessor. In the presentation ceremony the Test captain Virat Kohli, has clearly said that he will bat at number 3 to facilitate Rohit to come in at number 5. Rohit’s inclusion in the team will force him and Ajinkya Rahane to change their batting positions but they are ready for it as they want the talented gun to fire sometime, the time which even god does not know.

It is clearly seen that the captain is desperate to include Rohit Sharma in the squad irrespective of the fact that he is not the one who deserves to be here in the longest format of the game. Well, it seems that Rohit Sharma was inducted into the team with a Golden spoon in his mouth as he has always been given chances to play international cricket despite continued failures.

The talented guy in past has even forced the captain to drop legends like Sachin Tendulkar from the squad in 2012. Even the talented ones like Manoj Tiwary were dumped to hire Rohit Sharma. Now is the turn of Cheteshwar Pujara to go on exile as the talented man Rohit Sharma is here to get his due. Though the captain has changed but not the not Rohit’s fortunes as now Virat Kohli will perform the duty to revive Rohit’s Test career.

It took Rohit Sharma nearly six years to establish himself in the ODI squad. A career which started in 2007, finally settled in the year 2013 after the Champions trophy in England. From then he has been a permanent member of the limited-overs squad and yes he has proved his worth. So going by this logic there are still 3 years to go until Rohit Sharma produces goods in the Test format or may be more than that as this format needs more time than the limited overs format.

There is something special in Rohit Sharma that every captain is attracted towards him.

Talent is probably the only thing he possesses.

Yes, the boy from Nagpur possesses talent which has forced the former and current captain to carry him on their head despite the fear of getting buried deep inside the pit hole which lies under them. Almost a decade and still everyone is waiting for the ripe mango to get in shape so that team can enjoy its taste.

His state mate Ajinkya Rahane who came in international scenario after 4 years has adjusted himself quite well in all the formats of the game but Rohit is still to perform in Test cricket.

The problem is with his attitude and technique. You might afford to be lazy and play lousy shots in ODI’s and T20’s but it will not work in Test cricket as there are fielders who surround you to convert that small chance into a wicket. Teasing the ball outside off one can afford in limited overs cricket but showing a casual attitude towards it will cost you in Test cricket and no one knows the answer better than Rohit Sharma himself.

He needs to bring about a change in himself and has to control his emotion in the longest format of the game if he wants to be successful in this format or maybe he is not ready to change himself because he knows that he will get a chance no matter his form, the captain is there for him. He should bring about a change in his thinking as if he thinks like this then he is living in a fool’s world.

The captain of the team may accept him with this attitude but the public will never accept him and will lever love him the way they love other players.

Now he is not a new player in this format who can hide his poor form, it’s the time for him to show why he is called the most talented player in the team and still if he fails o do so, then he should voluntarily retire from this format as Indian team cannot afford to lose any other player on his cost.

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