Top 10 Biggest ODI wins

Shashi / 26 June 2014

 “Human Beings are Destiny’s Child after all” -Anonymous

They may be the reputed teams or not. In spite of possessing the much talented pool of youth and hard-earned experience gainers, they fail to garner someday. But their miserable performance for a day can be well justified by saying as ‘just another day’. Here is a list of 10 such miserable incidences:- 

10. 233 runs – The 4th match in the Asia Cup fixture perceived how the immature Bangladesh cricket team perished miserably in the hands of the stable enough Pakistan team. In reply to Pakistan’s 320 runs score, Bangladesh scored only 87 runs. 

9. 234 runs – It was the third ODI in the bilateral series between Sri Lanka and Pakistan in 2009. The Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan spectacled the home team collapsed within just 75 runs in front of the huge colossal figure of 309 runs scored by the Lankans.

8. 243 runs – It was the 4th match in the ICC World Cup 2007 that the Sri Lankans outlawed the Bermuda elevens in the group stage match. Sri Lanka batted first and posed a threat in the form of 321 runs, in return to which, Bermuda scored a petty score of 78 runs.

7. 245 runs – It was the Coca Cola Champions Trophy final that India was significantly blown off by a margin of 245 runs by the fellow Sri Lankans. The island nation scored 299 runs, a gentle score, but India poorly failed in complying to their needs and scored just 54 runs.

6. 256 runs – The 4th group stage Asia Cup match remained the most loyal attendant to the victorious Indian side defeating the petty and feeble Hong Kong. The Indian side batted well and scored a magnanimous 347 runs. On the other hand, Hong Kong ended their fighting in 118 runs out of 36.5 overs.

5. 256 runs – It was the pool round match of the ICC World Cup 2002 that witnessed the mighty Australian side put up a score of 301 runs, thereby stupefying the Namibian team to falter at an early score of just 45 runs.

4. 257 runs – It was the altar of the ICC World Cup 2007 that the mighty Indian side scored a frightful score of 413 runs and instead, the Bermuda side scored just 156 runs. Kudos to Virender Sehwag’s furious batting mixed with Saurav Ganguly’s  hard-earned experience that led India win the driver’s seat in the match.

3. 258 runs – In the bilateral ODI series between South Africa and Sri Lanka in 2011, South Africa humiliated poorly by defeating the Lankan side by a wide margin of 258 runs. Lanka scored just 43 runs in reply to the African score of 301 runs.

2. 272 runs – It was just a run short for the South African side to finalize their sore to a 400 yard mark and on the counterpart, Zimbabwe scored just 127 runs after struggling for 29 long overs. Both JP Duminy and AB DeVilliers fought well to make that a smiling day for the mighty Afros.

1. 290 runs – The New Zealand versus Ireland match on 1st July, 2008 became the witness for the spectacular game of cricket presented by the kiwis. The Irishmen failed in their desperate attempt to play well. Not only did they scatter with the bowling, they also failed in their batting. They put up a just of 112 runs in return to the 402 runs of the kiwis.







Match Date

 New Zealand

290 runs


Vs. Ireland


1 Jul 2008

 South Africa

272 runs


Vs. Zimbabwe


22 Oct 2010

 South Africa

258 runs


Vs. Sri Lanka


11 Jan 2012


257 runs


 Vs. Bermuda

Port Of Spain

19 Mar 2007


256 runs


Vs. Namibia


27 Feb 2003


256 runs


Vs. Hong Kong


25 Jun 2008

 Sri Lanka

245 runs


Vs. India


29 Oct 2000

 Sri Lanka

243 runs


 Vs. Bermuda

Port Of Spain

15 Mar 2007

 Sri Lanka

234 runs


Vs. Pakistan


24 Jan 2009


233 runs


Vs. Bangladesh


2 Jun 2000








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