Zimbabwean cricketers are celebrating after defeating Australia in 2007 World T20 at Dug Out.

The World T20 2016 kicked off with the qualifier round on March 8. T20 being the newest innovation of cricket was designed, unlike the two other formats. A few features of this format was introduced just to spice up the game while many were innovated to adapt with the necessity of the game. Sportzwiki lists some of the exciting features of T20 cricket that offer fans more than cricket.


The T20 cricket was introduced in 2003 in order to create a new fan base as cricket had been becoming a game for retired fans in England. So, get rid of dwindling fans of cricket a game of 20 overs was introduced that got fan base span from children, women and people from non-English backgrounds. The domestic T20 cricket like IPL and BBL often see people from different walks of life in the evening match.


It may be a disturbing equipment on the field for players, but the Spidercam has added another dimension in watching cricket from the stand and on TV sets. The complete three-dimensional movement of the camera makes watching cricket a pleasant experience. However, cricketers like MS Dhoni and Steve Smith don’t like spider cams presence over the head as it sometimes blocked shots, catch, and a throw. Indian captain MS Dhoni has suggested a $2500 fine every time the ball hits the cam while Smith blamed the cam after dropping a catch against India in 2015 three-match T20 series. Nowadays, umpires also sport a camera on their caps, allowing viewers to experience the game from another angle.


A football style players and coaches shelter was introduced on the sidelines of the boundary to change the viewing experience of spectators. It was still not proven whether dug out helps any team to win a match, but nobody can forget the moment when India have won 2007 World T20 all Indian players and support staffs rushed to the field for celebration  from the dugout.


They were introduced on a stage on the sidelines of a match purely to entertain the fans. These dancer ladies shake their legs and hips in the bid of music whenever players hit a boundary or bowler takes a wicket. When the T20 cricket was first introduced since then cheerleaders have been an integral part of the total package of T20 cricket.


T20 cricket is all about scoring runs. It does not a matter how these come. The desperation of getting runs provoked batsmen to come up with but creative shots like “switch hit”, “ Dil scoop”, “fly swat”, “uppercut”, “Flamingo shots”.


The T20 cricket is biased game. It is a batsman friendly game. So, bowlers need to come up with new ways to earn their corn to get rid of brute strength of a batsman. For instance, R. Ashwin relies heavily on his “carom ball” while his West Indies counterpart Sunil Narine has the “knuckleball” that slides out of the hand. Pacers even have a slower version of the bouncer.


In the old days, a poor old skipping rope would come in handy for a batsman to get his feet moving before he went out to bat. That has now given way to the flat rung ladder as a means of releasing tension and keeping the muscles warm. There’s also the medicine ball, which makes he the bat feel lighter in the hands and facilities big hitting. It also helps a fielder throw the ball in quicker from the deep.

Goalkeeper or fielder:

The quick fire T20 cricket has changed the history fielding. Now, every country improved their fielding standard. The fly catches on the boundary, where fielder often blocks a sixer using their palms like a goalkeeper to let his co fielder to nab it. New Zealand’s Tim Southee has managed to do this twice while India’s Hardik Pandya did against Australia in 2016.


Use of this equipment has changed the experience of watching the game. Players, barring those from India, often use the mic to commentate on the proceedings. During India’s tour of Australia in January, Steve Smith come out wired in the first T20 and started talking. Unfortunately, it cost him his wicket too.

Zing bails:

These bails first introduced in World T20 2014 in Bangladesh. This kind of bails removes the problem of confusion whenever a delivery touch the bails. Zing bails have inbuilt lights that flicker when the stumps are uprooted, offering a clean view of the bails when they are off the groove. The bails are slightly heavier than the regular ones but much lighter than the  wooden used in  extremely windy connections.

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