Bollywood in India inspires the youth. Bollywood movies on sports are becoming a trend. We look at the top 5 Bollywood sporting movies that have inspired youth in recent times

1. Lagaan

Laagan was a movie based on rural Cricket. This movie came in 2001. The movie is about how the British Government used to impose taxes on the villagers. In one of the draught year the villagers pleaded for the tax relief.  The villagers led by Bhuvan(Aamir Khan) was challenged by Captain Andrew Russell for a cricket match by saying that if the villagers win the match they will be excused taxes for three years and if the British team win the villagers had to pay 3 times taxes. Bhuvan the Hero trains the team members with the help of a daughter of the British Colonel; they learn the game of cricket and defeat the British team.  This shows that no team be taken as weak and lightly. A strong leader can unite the team, use the strengths of each member of the team and with determination can do wonders on their day.

2. Iqbal

Iqbal was a movie based on cricket. The film came in the year 2005. The story revolves around a deaf and dumb boy from remote village, who wanted to become a cricketer, but his father was discouraging saying that it is a waste of time. Iqbal trained day and night under the guidance of a coach acted by Nasserudin Shah. Then he gets selected in the Andhra Pradesh team. Despite his financial struggles he performs well for the team and finally got to play for India. This shows that with hard work and dedication one can achieve anything in sports despite limitations and do the country proud.

3. Chak De India

Chak De India was a movie based on hockey. The film came in the year 2007. In this movie Kabir Khan (Sharakuh Khan) playing for India, was removed from sports after losing a match to Pakistan. Then he becomes a coach of the Indian women’s team. The selectors in that movie feel that India was not good enough to participate in the World Championship. But they select 16 girls from different parts of country and sent to the World Championship. They went to Australia and played like a team in the tournament. The film depicts individual and regional rivalry among the team members though as individual each player each one was good. The coach had to handle not only hockey skills but also internal conflicts.  They finally  gel as a team and win the World Championship. This shows how the Indian women can perform in difficult situation and bring back glory for the country. 

4. Bhag Milkha Bhaag

It is movie based on the life of Olympic runner Milkha Singh. Milkha was known as the flying Sikh. The movie came in 2013. In this move Farhan Akhtar played the main role of Milkha Singh.  The movie shows that childhood memories of young boy of coming fourth in running race. He joins the army where he gets noticed by a Havladar during routine training. After that he plays for service commission races where h defeats the senior players. Seniors to take revenge injure him by foul methods just before the day of selection for Indian team for the Olympics. Despite the injury he runs in pain and wins the race. This shows that with determination and proper training an individual can perform even if injured.

5. Mary Kom

 Mary Kom is the most recent movie based on Boxing. This movie came in 2014. It is biopic on the five times female World Boxing championship and Olympic bronze medalist Mary Kom. In this movie Priyanka Chopra plays the role of Mary Kom. This movie shows how a boxer does the hard work despite her father’s disapproval. She tells about her aspirations to her coach and visits the gym for next 30 days. Mary Kom becomes pregnant after marriage and misses participation. Her coach revives her boxing training to hit the laurels of winning 2008 women’s World Boxing Amateur Championship. It shows the dedication, hard work women can come back to the ring even after child birth and not only participate for the country but win medals.

    I am pavan Suresh. I have done my schooling from LPS. I am big fan of sports especially cricket and want to become a sports journalist. I want to write cricket articles.

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