Cricket is not only the game of skill, Talent, it’s the game of attitude, deference, elegance, class. But sometimes the fight between ball and bat turn into physical confrontation. Some players lose their calm and composure in the ground. There are many instances in the history of such on field cricket fights. Let’s have a view into the top 5 fights that occurred in the ground.

5. Sreesanth was slapped by Bhajji in IPL 1: in IPL 2008, Kings XI Punjab faced Mumbai Indians as usual. But this match is remembered for the slap that Sreesanth got from Harbhajan. It had become increasingly clear that as gifted as he was with ball in hand, he was often an equally ludicrous character on the field, a kind of lightning rod for all manner of controversy and spats. After the match, when prize distribution ceremony was going, Sreesanth was seen crying. It could have been sparked by any number of provocations and counter-provocations, given the two players involved, but it ended with Harbhajan Singh allegedly slapping Sreesanth during the post-match ceremony. No cameras were able to capture the slap. Though Bhajji may have slapped him but Sreesanth has a provoking nature which is previously seen in the cricket field.

4. Kieron pollard going to hit Mitchell Starc by bat in IPL 7: Mumbai Indians’ West Indian heavyweight Kieron Pollard and Royal Challengers Bangalore‘s Mitchell Starc almost came to blows in the IPL-7 match at the Wankhede Stadium. After exchanging a few words, Starc came in to bowl his next delivery on which Pollard pulled out. But the Aussie bowled did not stop his run up and went on to deliver the ball aiming at Pollard’s bodyline, to which the West Indian reacted by throwing his bat in the bowler’s direction. The umpires tried to settle down the event but even RCB skipper Virat Kohli seemed unhappy with Pollard’s reaction, though Starc was equally at fault for those ugly scenes.

3. Clash between Afridi and Gambhir: When India and Pakistan enter the field, the purists order aspirins to keep themselves calm. Though many person says that India Pakistan match is always a symbol of acquaintance, it has another level of warmth. In 2007 India Pakistan ODI series, Gambhir heated up by the behavior of Afridi. Gambhir was running between the wickets when Afridi stands in the middle of his runway. With Afridi talking trash to Gautam Gambhir, Gambhir jabbed one back into Afridi. This was followed by some more ‘small-talks” from both the sides.

2. Dennis Lilee vs Javed Miandad: In 1981, this incident occurred at Perth when Australia vs. Pakistan match was running. When Javed was reaching the crease line Lilee covered his way. After an array of verbal rants, Lilee did an 80′s style side shuffle dance and kicked Miandad. The only thing that spared Lilee’s skull from being macerated by Miandad’s bat was the Umpire standing in between.

1. Sourav Ganguly vs. Russel Arnold: This incident occurred in 2002 Champions trophy Final. Arnold was running continuously on the pitch, observed by the ‘BENGAL TIGER’. Actually dada knew that Sri Lanka had top spinners in its ranks and Arnold, running on the pitch, would help the spinners in the second innings. He did not listen to Ganguly’s friendly advice which was the reason that Arnold picked up a fight against the Indian skipper.



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