5. Was Murali chucking or was it a case of a hidden Aussie agenda?

An Australian square leg umpire called a no ball of Mutthiah Muralitharan despite the fact that the ICC had long cleared his bowling action. Skipper Arjuna Ranatunga was fuming at the decision and decided to confront the umpire. Ranatunga then decided to walk off the field and refused to return until the decision gets reversed.

4. Swinging the metal around!

For a change, a batsman decided to do away with the willow and carry a metallic bat to the cricket field. Denis Lillee decided to carry an aluminium bat to the pitch which caused a lot of wear on the ball. When the umpires asked him to change the bat after the opposition team’s protest, Lillee threw his bat in anger! Talk about hot Australian blood!

3. An umpiring blunder like no other!

Darrell Hair was one of the most high-handed and controversial umpires in the game. Hair accused the Pakistani bowlers of ball tampering and awarded five penalty runs to England. Inzamam ul Haq‘s team felt cheated and decided not to take the field post the tea break. The match was called off and England were declared winners. Post-match investigations revealed nothing had been done on the ball and Hair lost his job!

2. The no-balls which shook the foundations of cricket.

Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer bowled deliberate no-balls with consent of skipper Salman Butt in exchange of a large sum of money from a bookie. A sting operation by a tabloid and investigating authorities found all three men guilty of spot fixing and cheating and sentenced by an UK prison.

1. The Underarm Ball!

To prevent New Zealand from scoring the six runs they needed off the last ball, Australian captain Greg Chappell instructed his brother Trevor to bowl the last ball by rolling it along the ground. Trevor obliged and the game of cricket’s sportsmanship spirit was brought down to dirt. The underarm delivery was immediately declared illegal around the world in all forms of cricket. A dark day in the history of the sport.

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