Cricket is being called as a gentleman’s game but often we get to see the ‘gentlemen’ getting crooked and performing some notorious cheating activities. Some go unnoticed to the umpires and it is the opposition who has to suffer in most of the cases. In this article, we put a highlight of the top 5 cheating acts done in cricket, which are indeed shameful.

Ian Healy Acts Smart To Dismiss Lara: It was in the year 1992 in the test series between Australia and West Indies. From the ancient times, it is a myth among many that Aussies are master of the art (Just a saying). The scenario was that, Lara was batting at 54 runs and the spinner, Mathews was bowling. He deceived Lara by the flight and Lara stepped down the crease and missed the ball which was going leg. Healy did pick up the ball in a dive but could not manage to gather it properly but somehow managed to dislodge the bails through his hand and the umpire remained unnoticed of the fact. He saw that Lara was out of the crease and the bails were dislodged. Thus, Lara was given OUT. Though in the replay, the world witnessed what a shameful act of crookedness was that and also Healy completely denied about the fact.

Shane Warne’s Ugliness to Avoid Run Out: It was a crucial game between South Africa and Australia and the game was evenly poised. Australia needed 8 runs off 3 balls to ensure victory and it was Shane Warne who was at the non-striker’s end. The striker defended the ball which was going straight into the hands of Shaun Pollock who was the bowler and there was a chance of desperate run out but Warne used his crookedness to great effect. He swiftly deflected the ball through his bat while it was going to the hands of Pollock and acted as if he was using his bat to get back to the crease. All the South African players appealed for a run out but the South African captain, Hansie Cronje showed ultimate spirit to the game and called off the appeal and play resumed as such. South Africa did win that match ultimately.

Biggest NO BALL by Mohammad Aamer: This still remains fresh in our minds. It was the test between England and Pakistan and Pakistan were bowling. Mohammad Aamer was one of the brilliant young talents for the Pakistani team then. But he committed an act that brought down the Cricket World’s viewpoint about Pakistan Cricket. He delivered a NO BALL which remains as the biggest NO BALL delivered in history. He landed his right feet over  1.5 feet to the line of the bowling crease. Later it was revealed that it was an incident of spot fixing and the Delivery of the no ball was fixed earlier. Aamer’s such notorious act stained Pakistan’s image in the Cricket World very severely and they are yet to regain their stature in the matter fully.

Afridi’s BURGER: It was an incident related to ball tampering. During an ODI, when Shahid Khan Afridi was the captain of the Pakistan Cricket team, he simply did bit the ball in order to tamper it so that the ball would do some unusual behaviour and would stick to the surface due to its roughness. This incident is referred to as ‘AFRIDI’S BURGER’. It indeed was against the rules and spirit of the game and was equally demoralizing. Such heinous act is never expected from a team captain.

Sreesanth’s Mysterious Handkerchief: This act made Indian Cricket stained badly. It was in IPL 6 in the match between Rajasthan Royals and the Mumbai Indians, Sreesanth alongside Ajit Chandila and Ankit Chauhan cheated the entire cricket world by their way of spot fixing. Sreesanth used a handerchief to signal to the bookie that he was going to concede over 13 runs in that particular over. Later this heinous act was proved and Sreesanth has been banned for life from Cricket. 

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