Today we are going to show you some funniest run-outs in the cricket history. You can find a good number of incidents on the cricket field and have a hearty laugh over these. Sometimes the fielders do unusual things to run a batsman out but fail.

5. Australia vs. New Zealand: In New Zealand Australia 1st test of the test series occurred at Wellington Australian pacer Mitchell Johnson sent back New Zealand batsman Peter Ingram by running him out using his foot. When NZ batsmen were trying to steal a quick single, Johnson kicked the ball that went on to hit the stumps. Reporters were sarcastically saying that Johnson could be a good footballer than a bowler, watching his crazy kicking style on the ball which struck in the wicket. Mitchell Johnson, with his crazy run out, he is standing at number 5th position.   

4. West Indies vs. Australia: Have you ever heard about that one batsman got out twice in one ball. Yes you heard it right. Deans Jones just got run out twice services. His score was 3 runs off 8 balls in the second innings. He just got bowled and he started to walk back to the pavilion without seeing that umpire didn’t shown the signal as it was a no ball. Caribbeans proved their smartness by uprooting the stumps with the ball before Dean Jones could understand and come back to the crease. This is considered as 4th rank in this list.

3. India vs. Bangladesh: This funny run out just took place in India Bangladesh series in 2004. Sachin flicked a ball to the forward sqare leg. A mix up between Sachin and Anil Kumble while taking a second run. Though sachin was far away from the crease wicketkeeper did not manage to catch the ball properly. Perhaps the Bangladeshi fielders as they couldn’t run out anyone even after dislodging the wickets at both the end. This is considered as 3rd rank in the list.

2.Rajasthan Royals vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad: This could be the  world’s one of the best craziest run out in the cricket History occurred at IPL 7(2014). Amit Mishra was facing Faulkner .Amit missed one ball and that went to keeper’s hand, that time he was far from keeper tried to hit the wicket but missed. The ball reached to Faulkner’s hand, he also tried to hit the wicket he also missed and Amit was looking towards Faulkner backside. In that very moment Kepper watched that Amit did not reach crease, so he again tried and hit the wicket. Amit did not realized that he was out of the crease till then.

1. South Africa Vs. Australia: It was the Semi-Final match of the 1999 World Cup and it will be remembered as one of the sheer tragic moments for South African cricket. Australia batted first in the match and did manage to set a total of 213 and South Africa while chasing, were in a position of 205 for the loss of 9 wickets. It was 9 runs required off the last over. Klusener did hit the first two balls for boundaries and it was just one run required. Allan Donald was at the other end and he was the main character in that. After Klusener did not able to score a run on the third ball, he ws desperate in scoring on the fourth ball. He defended the ball and the ball went to the mid-off region. Klusener started to run as soon as he hit the ball but as it is said, Fast bowlers seldom use their brains, Donald panicked at that moment and kept on staring at the ball instead of trying to make the run. Finally, he panicked and started to run and in the process he dropped his bat. He was miles short of the crease when Gilchrist dislodged the bails. Though, it was a funny run out but it is remembered as one of the shocking incidents of South African cricket.

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