A leader leads his army right from the front. But the word captain is quite different from that of the word leader. A captain manages the team but when a captain becomes a leader, he and his team become successful as a whole. Captains play a huge role in cricket and throughout the years we have seen plenty of great and super stunning on-field decisions made by the captains which turned out to be a 360 degree change in the game’s fate. In this article, we will be drawing light on the top 5 greatest captaincy moments.

1. MS Dhoni’s Surprise move in the Last over of ICC World T20, 2007: The match was evenly poised. Pakistan required 11 runs off the last over with 1 wicket in hand and MS Dhoni had to make a big decision. He surprised everyone by handing the ball to Joginder Sharma. It was initially criticized and none of the critics found any logic in Dhoni’s such a decision. What happened after that remains afresh in our eyes. Joginder Sharma turned out to be the hero and India won the World Cup. It was perhaps one of the bravest decisions made in cricket.

2. Sourav Ganguly’s Aggressive Move on the 5th Day of Eden Test, 2001: It was one of the historical tests when India managed to take the upper hand in the game after being enforced follow-on. On the 5th day, India were at a lead of above 300 and quite surprisingly, Sourav Ganguly asked the batsmen on the crease to declare the innings. It was a brave decision and Australia had the brilliance in the batting line up then. And in the 4th innings, Ganguly went for all-attack strategy and threw an open challenge to the Australians and ultimately took India to glory at the end of the day.

3. Ricky Ponting’s Domination Attitude In 2003 World Cup: It was a World Cup where Australia won quite comprehensively. Apart from India, none other team challenged Australia to situations. Ricky Ponting, the then captain of Australia, did develop a dominating attitude among the Australian bench which added to the misery of the oppositions who played against Australia. Ponting and his men completely demoralized the opposition by their dominating and aggressive nature on the field. And Australia won the World Cup by remaining unbeaten.

4. MS Dhoni’s Brave Decision in ICC Champions Trophy Final, 2013: The final of the Champions Trophy reduced to 20-overs a side due to rain and India batted first against England. England were cruising in the chase and almost took the game out of the reach of the Indians. Then MSD made the magical move by introducing Ishant Sharma into the attack. Everyone was surprised as Ishant had gone for plenty in his first spell. But Ishant came up with the captain’s strategy and took 2 vital wickets in the over and brought India back into the game and India went onto win the Champions Trophy.

5. Steve Waugh’s Exceptionally Spirited Captaincy in World Cup Semi Final, 1999: The match was between South Africa and Australia and Steve Waugh did not give up with his hopes. 9 runs were required off the last over and the first two balls went for boundaries which reduced the equations to 1 needed off the last 4 deliveries. Defeat seemed inevitable for the Australians yet the Aussie captain did not give up. He tried to inflict counter pressure on the South African batsmen by setting up an over-aggressive field. And Lance Klusener and Allan Donald did panic on such a field set up and ultimately Donald was run out in a bizarre fashion and Australia tied the game and were through to the World Cup Final. They went onto win the World Cup.

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