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Representing his team in a World Cup is a dream of every cricketer. Almost every star player in the past, found himself lucky at least once, to be a part of national side during World Cup. On the other hand, there are few big names who gave their best to their respective sides but didn’t get a chance to play in the biggest tournament of the game. Today, let us showcase you some of these cricket giants who were unlucky when it came to selecting the squad for World Cup.

Justin Langer

justin langer

Justin Langer is undoubtedly, one of the best openers for Australia in the past. The left-hander played 105 Tests in his career in which he scored more than 7000 runs with a handsome average of just over 45. In his career span of 14 years, he only played 8 ODIs with the highest score of 36 to his credit. He, along with Matthew Hayden, counted as the most formidable Test opening pair in the early 2000s. Still being one of the finest batsmen of all time, Langer didn’t get a chance to play a World Cup game.


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