If we say the white round hat, the white coat, then the first word will flash in our mind “Cricket Umpire”. Umpire is the one who has the sovereignty to make discernment on the cricket pitch. Some decisions must be instantaneous, whereas for others he may pause to think or discuss it with the square leg umpire, especially if the latter may have had a better view. Sometimes their judgments go wrong which has turned game lots of time. Their debatable judgments made them most controversial umpires. Let’s dig deep into this.

Darrell Bruce Hair:  Darrell Hair is an Australian former Test match cricket umpire. He was appointed to the ICC Elite umpire panel in 2002, but could not hold his post as he was circled with controversies. Darrell suspected Muttiah Muralitharan for his (according to Darrell Hair) bowling action. In 1995, he gave 7 no balls in three overs for “throwing” the ball in the Australia Sri Lanka series at Melbourne. Later Muralitharan passed the biomechanical investigation. In 1999, Sri Lanka World cup he did the same thing with Muralitharan mentioning his bowling action “diabolical”. After this incident ICC dropped him from the 1999 World cup. Hair is still saying that Muralitharan’s bowling action is suspect in 2011.

The “2006 ball tampering” incident made him most controversial umpire. In that test, the fourth day of that match Darrell Hair gave 5 penalty runs and offered Pakistani’s the replacement ball. After the tea break Pakistan did not take the field protesting that ball tampering acquisition. Umpires waited 30 minutes Umpires removed the bail and declared England as winner of that match. Later ICC appointed match officials for this issue and because of security issue ICC removed him from 2006 Champions trophy. Later he was also banned from officiating in international matches by the ICC.

Shakoor Rana: have you ever seen any umpire who is shouting and quarrelling with a player and finger waving to each other in the fields? If no then either you have forgotten or you are not aware of the Faisalabad test occurred in 1987. It is one of the most controversial issue of cricket history. Rana’s attitude was also controversial in that match as he wore Pakistani sweater and cap on his head. But the main issue started on the second day of the match when Gatting was changing the field positions as Eddie Hemmings ran in to bowl. Gatting was acquiesced by Rana for cheating. They both used foul language in the field. After this incident Shakoor refused to stand in any test if he did not get any apology letter from Gatting who was threatened with being stripped of the England captaincy. Gatting was forced to write an apology letter to him.

He is one of the most controversial umpires in the world not for only this issue, some other issues are also there like ‘Coney Incident’. In 1984, New Zealand Pakistan match was held at Karachi.in that match Rana took a controversial decision of not out for Javed Miandad of Pakistan. The climax of this controversy raised when Coney was threatened to lead his side from the field after that not out decision.

Asad Rauf: Asad Rauf a “well-known” face to all cricket spectators. He was one of the best umpires in the cricket history before 2012. Some of his on pitch, off pitch issue forced him to take place in the most controversial Umpire’s list. In 2012, Asad Rauf was alleged by a fashion model Leena Kapoor. Lenna said that Rauf promised her to marriage but used her as his sexual entertainment. Leena showed some pictures with Rauf also. Though he denied his affair.

Beside this off pitch scandal, the on pitch scandal made him more controversial in 2013. In IPL authority accused him of cheating and forgery, in other word it could be described as spot fixing. He was charged by Mumbai police on the basis of some Evidence where he took 1 gold chain and a watch worth rupees 6 lakhs as his birthday present from the bookie named Pawan.

Idris Begh: Idris Begh’s name took a place in this list for the third match between MCC and Pakistan held at Peshawar. According to many cricket journalist, he was biased in that match and gave four controversial LBW’s in favor of Pakistani skipper Abdul Kardar. In the final over he turned down a strident appeal from Tony Lock which left the bowler fuming. Things had been made too easy by some really shocking umpiring, said Stephen Chalke in his book ‘The Heart Of English Cricket’.

Sanjay Hazare: Sanjay Hazare is another most controversial umpire in cricket history. In IPL7 the controversy raised in the match between Delhi DaredevilS and Rajasthan Royals on 3rd May, 2014. he turned down the appeal made against Pietersen who was ran out by  Rajasthan Royals‘ keeper Sanju Samson without referring to the third umpire, even though it was quite evident from the TV replays that Pieterson was out of his crease. After this incident IPL committee and BCCI decide that he would not umpiring any more matches. Later he asmitted that he did a wrong judgment not referring to the third umpire.

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