Cricket is a batsman’s game they say but it’s also a game for those bowlers who can make a mockery of the batsman facing him with his magical deliveries. There might be hundreds of magical deliveries and countless balls which might have bamboozled the batsman but was missed by the masses since it didn’t get a wicket. There might be a hundreds of beautiful deliveries which might have taken a wicket but hasn’t made this list. This is in no way stating that those chosen below are superior to the rest but they certainly are right up there with the best ever.

1. Sachin Tendulkar to Moin Khan –

It was the last ball of the day and the little master Sachin Tendulkar had the ball in his hand. Tendulkar has always been a bag of tricks with his leg spinners, off spinners, slow paced swing bowling with a variety of possibilities happening as he bowls. This was one such incident as Sachin totally baffled Moin Khan with his googly and got him bowled through his legs.




2. Shane Warne to Andrew Strauss –

Ashes always brings the cricketing history the best memories in cricket history. There are not many series or rivalries that induce the kind of hype that Ashes do. Shane Warne laid down one of best memories in recent history in 2005 as he bowled, what was, one of the greatest deliveries in this century to get Strauss clean bowled from outside off-stump.




3. Wasim Akram to Robert Croft –

This is arguably the best ever delivery to not get a wicket in cricket history. Known for his deadly reverse swing, Wasim Akram bowled one of the most amazing deliveries ever to swing the ball almost twice before reaching the batsman and beating him all ends up. Robert Craft and the umpire though that the ball was an in-swinging delivery but in reality the ball reversed and swung away and though Robert Craft was caught plumb in front of his stumps the umpire couldn’t be convinced the ball would hit the stumps.   





4. Shoaib Akhtar to Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid –

Eden Gardens is one of India’s biggest and the loudest stadiums. Not many can silence over 50,000 fans at the same time in such an environment. But Shoaib Akhtar did the impossible as he first knocked out Rahul Dravid with a fast Yorker and when the crowd erupted with joy on seeing Sachin Tendulkar walk out to bat, Shoaib Akhtar silenced them completely by knocking the middle stump out of the park.




5.Shane Warne to Mike Gatting –

Also known as the ‘Ball of the century’, Shane Warne’s first delivery on English soil is still remembered as one of the best ever deliveries bowled in cricket history. The ball released with the usual drift from Shane Warne’s hand landed just outside the leg stump and Mike Gatting naturally covered the middle and leg stump region but the ball spun so sharply that it rattled into his off-stump leaving Gatting looking clueless. 





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