Cricket is a game of ups and downs and there are plenty of happenings in the game. Also there are a varied kind of dismissals in the game and often it is seen that wicket keepers play an important role in dismissing a batsman. Wicket Keepers can dismiss a batsman via stumping, caught behind and also can run out the batsman. We have seen some legendary wicket keepers throughout the years and in this very article we are to draw in the Top 5 Dismissals by a Wicket Keeper in International Cricket. Let us now dig deep into it.

5. MS Dhoni Stumping Mitchell Marsh: It was in the VB series in 2012. It was the T20 match between India and Australia and India was bowling first in the match and in the 18th over of the innings, MS Dhoni made this incredible stumping on a delivery of Rahul Sharma. Rahul Sharma bowled a great delivery and managed to deceive Mitchell Marsh, who was on 13. But Marsh was not much short of his crease. Dhoni collected the ball and inside a matter of less than 0.5 second, Dhoni dislodged the bails and  Marsh’s foot was in the air and he was given OUT. This happens to be the quickest stumping ever in the history of cricket.

4. Adam Gilchrist’s Impossible Dismissal in The Ashes: It was in the Ashes when the World witnessed simply an impossible catch to dismiss Marcus Trescothik. Shane Warne was the bowler and Marcus Trescothik sweeped the ball perfectly. But the ball struck in the toe of Mathew Hayden, who was fielding in the short leg position. After hitting Hayden, the ball took a bounce and Gilchrist dived in from behind the stumps and just managed to put his hands beneath the ball before it landed the ground. And thus, Trescothik was dismissed at a score of 32 runs. This happens to be one of the best caught dismissals in cricket.

3. Mark Boucher’s Awesome Reflex Run out: Mark Boucher has been regarded as one of the best wicket keepers of all time. He makes himself in this list by a stunning stumping to dismiss Atapattu in Sri Lanka Vs. South Africa ODI. Atapattu was batting on 23 and Botha was the bowler. There was an appeal for bat-pad dismissal which bounced a little and was caught by Boucher. Umpire was thinking to give a decision and almost denied the appeal. Meanwhile, Atapattu stepped out of his crease for a run and Boucher took no time to throw the ball at the stumps in no time. He had only the leg stump to aim at and he hit the wicket even before looking at it. Thus Atapattu was dismissed run out and this happens to be the best dismissal by Boucher.

2. Kumar Sangakkara Stumping J. Maher with a Dive: It was the VB series match between Australia and Sri Lanka. Muralitharan was bowling and the Lankans were desperate to break the opening partnership. Murali bowled a beautiful off-spinner that deceived the batsman and it spun largely and Sangakkara had to dive to his right to catch the ball. He lost his control after catching the ball and on the fall, he turned back and threw the ball to the stumps to dismiss Maher. This happens to be one of the most sensational stumpings in international cricket.

1. Brad Haddin Taking Catch of 2nd Slip As a Keeper: Yes indeed. It was the first over of an ODI between Australia and New Zealand and Tait was the bowler. McCullum was facing and right in the 3rd ball of the innings, McCullum edged a ball which was bowled at a pace of over 150kmph. The ball was going in between the first and the second slip after it took the edge. Then came the impossible, stunning dive of Brad Haddin and in no time his dive made him reach there and he also did manage to take the catch going at such a pace. This happens to be the best catch by a wicket keeper in the history of international cricket.

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