Batsmen from the subcontinent have been known for their flamboyance, their sizzling square hits, swashbuckling cover drives and stunning straight drives have captured the imagination since decades. However with the inception of batting friendly pitches, easy to lift bats and small stadiums, long hits which clear the ropes have become the order of the day. No longer are the audience tuned in to watch the slow paced stuff, willing to wait patiently, rather charismatic sixes and flamboyant boundaries and stunning hits grabbed eyelashes ever since the past decade. Today however we take a different route here at Sportzwiki provide our readers with the top five Indian batsman with most fours in ODIs.

Here is the list of the top five Indian batsmen with most fours in ODIs.

5. Yuvraj Singh: Matches: 290, Fours: 850

When the southpaw hits the leather, they remain hit. Yuvraj’s effortless clean hitting and mesmerizing flicks have been the talk ever since his debut and when the 32 year old keeps going, it seems as if the bowlers are involved in a futile effort of rolling their arms again in front of a ball hitting machine. Dissecting the southpaw’s dysfunctioning batting is a mystery for the opposition who seem bamboozled when he is on swansong. The middle order batsman perhaps won the toughest battle by beating cancer which perhaps is an epitome of ‘nothing is impossible.’

4. Rahul Dravid: Matches: 340, Fours: 942

The embodiment of the ‘best technique’ when it comes to showing the full face of the bat comes from the land of Karnataka. Rahul Dravid remains the most flamboyant batsman when it comes to carve away bowlers with effortless ease. The mainstay of the Indian batting lineup in his career spanning over a decade, Dravid stands fourth in our list of the most fours by Indian batsmen of all time. Time passes away ever since yet memories of his flashy square cuts remains etched in our memory.

3. Virender Sehwag: Matches: 241, Fours: 1092

The ‘Nawab of Najafgarh’ as he is widely known is any bowler’s worst nightmare. An extraordinary career embodying relentless ease on hitting boundaries, Virender Sehwag stands third in our list of those Indians with most boundaries in ODI history. The effortless ease and gift of timing that Sehwag has and being able to bale make any innovations while at the crease is simply a joy to watch. Having a keen ability on toying with the opposition with an uncomplicated approach knows only one mantra “batting is all about scoring as many runs as quickly as possible”. Perhaps India will never have a more street-smart cricketer in the future.

2. Sourav Ganguly: Matches: 308, Fours: 1104

Has any cricketer divided the world fraternity any more than the Bengal icon. The Royal Bengal tiger, arguably the most successful captain in Indian cricket stands second in our list with most fours by the Indian batsmen in his playing career, with over 3.5 boundaries in a match. Dada’s stylish cover drives, sizzling square cuts prompted Rahul Dravid to claim that the Behala resident is perhaps second to God in the off side.

1. Sachin Tendulkar: Matches: 463, Fours: 2016

The icon of the Cricket fraternity rightly takes his place at the apex of the list. Blessed with an immaculate and error devoid talent, Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the only gem is cricket who can rightly epitomize the gentleman’s game on his own. The most complete batsman of all time, gifted with unique innovations and his signature strokes, the Mumbai maestro is rightly the greatest who ever has, is and ever will be in the history of the game.  




5.Yuvraj Singh



4. Rahul Dravid



3. Virender Sehwag



2. Sourav Ganguly



1.Sachin Tendulkar



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