Bowlers are equally cherished and important in a cricket match. But when the bowlers don’t work and the batsmen are in hitting prowess then we witness some of the most spectacular runs in the match. Here we present the top 5 most expensive overs bowled in ODI cricket.

5. 30 runs – Ishant Sharma, Aamer Sohail, Chris Harris, Yuvraj Singh, Abdur Razzak, and van Troost

There are upwards of 6 cases of 30 runs being scored in an over, the most recent being our extraordinary Ishant Sharma being whipped by James Faulkner (6, 6, 2, 6, 6, 4). Nonetheless, this deed has been attained by Sanath Jayasuriya twice, once of Pakistan bowler Aamer Sohail (4,0,6,6,6,6,1) and the other time against New Zealander Chris Harris(6,6,,6,6,4,2).

Yuvraj Singh was additionally hit for 5 successive sixes via England all-rounder Dimitri Mascarenhas (0, 6, 6, 6, 6, and 6). Abdur Razzak had likewise been given the same embarrassment by Ross Taylor (4,6,w,6,w,2,4,6) and the last was when Mark Boucher (4,1) and Jacques Kallis (2,w,5,6,6,6) collaborated against lesser known van Troost of Netherlands to whip him with the same treatment.

4. 31 runs – Rizwan Cheema and Baidwan (Canada vs New Zealand)

At the point when Canada confronted New Zealand at the MCA in 2011, one normal the Black Caps to whip them beat up. What’s more that is precisely what James Franklin did as he hit upwards of two Canadian bowlers who bowled the over for 31 runs. After Kane Williamson took a solitary off the first ball against Baidwan who resigned damage then, Franklin went full scale against Rizwan Cheema whom he hit for 6, 6, 4, N6, N4, 2. Franklin dashed to 31 runs of 8 balls and New Zealand to an agreeable 97 run triumph.

3. 32 runs – CM Bandara (Sri Lanka vs Pakistan)

Dissimilar to last time, this time it was a Sri Lankan at the less than desirable end. At the point when minimal known leg spinner CM Bandara came to ball to hard hitting Shahid Afridi, all he would have trusted is a tranquil over to spare his face. Anyway, Afridi, as he plays was in no leniency mode as he plunged the adolescent bowler for 32 runs in an over which ran started with 2 limits took after by 4 progressive humongous sixes (4,4,6,,6,6,6). Shockingly, Bandara profession was given the ax as it finished being his last competition for the Lankans.

2. 35 runs – Robin Peterson (South Africa vs Sri Lanka)

They say that spinners are simple pickings in the power play overs. Take a stab at clarifying that to South African captain Graeme Smith. He gave the ball to spinner Robin Peterson planning to confound the batsman with his shrewd turn of bowlers yet much to he’s dismay that unstable all-rounder Thisara Perera was in such radiant touch that everything without exception would have taken off his bat in that over. Perera hit 5 sixes and a limit in that over that went 6, wide, 6, 6,6,6,4. No big surprise, Peterson wasn’t asked to bowl any more in the match.

1. 36 runs – Daan van Bunge (Netherlands vs South Africa)

The accomplishment had at no other time been attained in an one-day international until Hershelle Gibbs went crazy in the 2007 World Cup match against the humble Dutch by crushing six sixes off a Daan van Bunge over in South Africa’s 221-run triumph. While balls 1, 2 & 3 were determined straight over the bowler, ball 4 was a full throw and was pulled over midwicket. Ball 5 saw a level batted long bounce over long-on while the sixth conveyance was a short ball and rightly crushed over long-off. What’s more every one of the 33 year old needed to say after that destroying was “if it’s your day, it’s your day.”

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