Here we take a look at list of players with most scores from 90-99 in Test cricket. We often say that Sachin Tendulkar has often between been the target of nervous nineties, but there are 2 other batsmen who equal him in this record and one among them is another Indian batting legend whom most of us didn’t expect to make it to the list. 

Here is the list of batsmen with most scores in Nineties –

Name Matches 100s 90s 50s
Steve Waugh (Aus) 168 32 10 50
Rahul Dravid (Ind) 164 36 10 63
Sachin Tendulkar (Ind) 200 51 10 68
Michael Slater (Aus) 74 14 9 21
Alvin Kallicharran (WI) 66 12 8 21
AB de Villiers (SA) 94 19 8 36
Inzamam-ul-Haq (ICC/Pak) 120 25 8 46
Matthew Hayden (Aus) 103 30 7 29
Clem Hill (Aus) 49 7 6 19
Rohan Kanhai (WI) 79 15 6 28

Stat updated till Aug 3, 2014

Not many would have expected Rahul Dravid to be there on No. 2 position but he acutally is. There are 4 Australiansin the list as well with Steve Waugh, one of their greatest captains on top of the list. There are only 3 batsmen so far who have been the victim of nervous nineties for 10 times. Had these 3 players converted al their 90s to a century then we would have seen 61 test centuries from Tendulkar, which would also take his overall tally of International centuries to 110 as well. A record by itself. 

But 100 is no less and we are proud of both the Indian batsmen who have been the victim of nervous nineties most number of times in Test cricket. Currently only AB de Villiers is the only cricketer who is still playing cricket among all the Top 10 cricketers who have been the victim of nervous nineties most number of times.

Do you guys think any other player all over the world can get on top of this list? Though not many would like to be on top here but do you think anyone can over take these 3 legends?

Please note players have been ranked based on the lesser number of innings played.

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