When the topic comes on to Richest Teams in Cricket surely comes to India with BCCI been the richest National board not only in Cricket but also when compared in with other sports. Even the Indian Premier League held by BCCI earns more than some main countries’ Cricket boards.

Here is the list for Top Ten Valuable Cricket Teams in the World in Terms of Money ($ -US Dollars):

10. Kolkata Knight Riders:

Kolkata Knight Riders, the only second team to be titled as the Champions of IPL twice stands as 10th and 6th richest in world and IPL respectively. It is owned by Shahrukh Khan. Its cost is 75.1 Million Dollars and its market value been 68 Million $.

9. Kings XI Punjab (KXIP):

Kings XI Punjab owned by Priety Zinta, is the ninth richest with 76 Million Dollars Franchise fee. Its market value is 32 M $, which is expected to increase after latest season.

8. Cricket South Africa (CSA):

South African Cricket rises as the eight richest in the world and fourth richest among the national boards. Its total revenue it 78.289 M $ and brand value in 68.436 M $.

7. Delhi Daredevils (DD):

Delhi Darvedevils, another IPL features in the list which is owned by GMR group is worth of 84 Million Dollars. Its Market value is been recorded as 40 M $.

6. Chennai Super Kings (CSK):

Chennai Super Kings, the most successful team in IPL owned by ex-BCCI President and present ICC Chairman N.Srinivasan’s India Cements. Its franchise fee been 91.9 Million Dollars and market value been 72 Million $, which is equal of Mumbai Indians.

5. England Cricket Board (ECB):

Been one of the reputed cricket boards, ECB is the third most richest among cricket boards and fifth in overall with a revenue of 105.059 Million Dollars. Its market value is 58.013 Million $.

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB):

RCB is the second richest IPL team which is owned by the business freak, Vijay Malaya. Its Franchise fee been 111.6 Million Dollars and its market value is recorded as 51 Million $.

3. Mumbai Indians (MI):

Mumbai Indians, one of the most successful teams in IPL owned by the richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani is the richest team in IPL and the third richest in overall. Its franchise fee is 111.9 and market value is 72.

2. Australian Cricket Board (ACB):

One of the strongest teams in the world is positioned as the second richest marginally ahead by third richest and miles away from the first positioned team. Australian’s total revenue is 111.959 and its market value been 23.109 which can improve in this year.

1. Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI):

It is obviously the BCCI at the top sitting with a total revenue of 638.054. Its market value has been recorded as 294.19 Million Dollars.


Note: Revenues of Boards & Market Values of the teams been in consideration as of 2013.

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