Why trolls on celebrities like Ganguly is shameful to all of us

Aakarsh / 13 July 2016

The biggest form of entertainment in the modern era is surely the ‘Internet’.

It is a place where people share their thoughts to start a discussion that helps both parties gain some knowledge of the end of it all. But, like in any other media, there are people who try to find humor in most places.

This has seen a sharp rise in the number of posts that actually make fun of prominent people that even hurts the feelings of a certain group. We have named such posts as trolls and it has become an integral part of every user who surfs the net for long periods of time.

It is safe to say that the internet is the newspaper for the modern era and it is a place that can influence the mass population in a particular direction.

Using the pretext of trying to describe the character of a person by cleverly finding a way to put it in ‘the way they pee’ has become popular in the world of football. It was only meant for entertainment and has hardly caused a commotion among the fans.

But when it comes to celebrities who have nothing to do with sports and are more than sporting idols, using this kind of a troll may be out of line.

Recently, there was a post on a website that caught the attention of most cricket fans in the country.


In this troll, Ranjit Mallick an Indian sheriff, blogger and actor, Tapas Pal, a Bengali actor,  Rupam Islam a singer, PC Sorcar a magician, Dev an actor were all depicted in the ‘way they pee’.

It also included a picture of Saurav Ganguly, who is shown taking his shirt off while ‘taking a leak’. This notion is to resemble Dada’s iconic moment in the Natwest Series Final more than a decade ago where the Indian skipper pulled his shirt off in celebration after India chased down a total in excel of 320.

The whole victory was an iconic moment in the history of Indian cricket and it forever is remembered for the moment when Dada waving his shirt in the air in the Lords dressing room.

Though the troll was intended to be in humor, it is not the kind of advertisement we need of our great sporting heroes.

Arguably India’s best ever captain, Saurav Ganguly, deserves a lot of honor. He lifted Indian cricket from its roots and built such a solid foundation that the team is still reaping the benefits of it even 5-6 years after his retirement.

He is the pride of Indian cricket and there is no reason why he should be a subject of a troll for the entertainment of a group of people.

Ganguly for always be remembered as Dada, the man who conquered Lords with his young guns and trolls like these have no place in our web feed.

So, as a sincere request, let’s ask all the people who are responsible for creating such images to stop using the names of celebrities who do not deserve to be made fun of.

Do you think the images like the one above must be allowed to do the rounds on the internet?

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