Tweet Proves Virat Kohli Has Performed Better Than Sachin Tendulkar So Far!

Prince Singh / 02 November 2016

Ever since Virat Kohli started piling up runs for India, he has been consistently compared with his illustrious predecessor Sachin Tendulkar. The Delhi batsman is making waves in international cricket and there are widespread speculations that he might go on to break several records of the batting maestro.

There are several reasons for the comparison. At a young age of 26, the batting sensation has scored 26 centuries in One-Day Internationals and 13 in Tests. While he started his Test career slowly but there is no denying the fact that he has been an extraordinary performer in the limited-overs format. He is the only player in the world to have an average of over 50 in both ODIs as well as T20Is. Seen as the next flagbearer of Indian cricket, one just cannot deny that he is destined for greatness. While it is quite absurd to compare players from different eras but the fans and pundits have developed a huge penchant for it and in the case of Kohli and Sachin, it just keeps on getting longer. There are several factors that make the idea of comparing the players of different eras quite tough. Conditions, rules, ground size, bat sizes are some of the factors. But for fans, statistics is the only thing that matters.

Well, here is a tweet that will put the debate on who is better, Kohli or Sachin to bed for the time being. Kohli still has a long way to go but if he keeps on performing like this, he might go on to break several records of one of the best cricketers ever.

Peter Miller aka @thecricketgeek tweeted some numbers that will arm Kohli’s fans when a debate breaks out next time.

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