The Crowd went #SachinSachin on the field and in the web it went #ThankYouSachin. Here are some amazing tweets and tributes Roger Federer is to tennis what Sachin is for cricket. Sachin is a great fan of the Swiss maestro and he seems to be the same.

Ravichandran Ashwin, a new age cricketer has filled the void of Jumbo and Bhajji and lead the spin department forward. He will continue to do so, here is why.

  Almost all the Formula One drivers love India and look what Hamilton loves.

Amul Coop comes with its own way of tribute.

  What’s more valuable?

The Mumbai Indians will be always remembered as a team that had the pride of Sachin Tendulkar playing for them.

  One of the most popular actors around the globe.

Look what Adobe has done! A Good tribute for an illuminating career isn’t it? 


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