The Pakistan cricket team is not new to controversies and Umar Akmal who was left out of the Pakistan National team touring the Bangladesh has come out and denied the reason for his exclusion.

Umar Akmal who is known to be a notorious person, was reportedly dropped out of the tour because of disciplinary reasons and the board has made it clear that the players need to improve their attitude to get a chance to play for the nation again. However, Akmal denies that he was dropped due to a bad attitude.

Waqar Younis submitted a report after the World Cup to the PCB and Akmal who missed out on the tour was one of the main highlights of the report. Akmal got a chance to comment on if he was dropped for breach of disciplinary conduct and having a poor attitude.

Akmal said that he was surprised to have heard about him having disciplinary problems and added that he never had an attitude problem and that he is always focused solely on the game. He also said that he never understood where the rumor came from.

However Akmal also felt that even if such a thing was stated in the report, the issue should have been dealt personally and that it was not right to publicly criticize a player playing at his level.

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