The IPL has not only given a great chance for players to prove themselves but has also given a chance to fans all around the country to watch their favorite cricketers in action right in front of their eyes.

The Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association has been trying very hard to get the bonanza to their city and finally was given a green park on lease by the Uttar Pradesh government. However it is not quite ready to host the IPL due to inadequate lighting facilities at the ground. However the UPCA is happy that they have got the park on lease for the first time after 1995.

UPCA CEO Lalit Khanna said that the UPCA has been allotted the park on lease for 30 years at a rate of Rs 1 crore per annum and an additional 15 Lakh for every Test or ODI hosted on the ground. The last game played on the ground was late in 2013 between the West Indies and India.

He also added that the renovation and infrastructure was taken care by the UP government and that if the light at the ground is made good enough to host IPL, the UPCA will pay another 25 Lakh per match hosted. 

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