Vengsarkar cleared but Amre charged by the BCCI ombudsman

Aakarsh / 08 July 2016

In what will come as a grim news for the Indian cricket fans, former national cricketer Pravin Amre has been charged guilty of interest by the ombudsman appointed by the BCCI earlier on Thursday.

Dilip Vengsarkar, however, was given a clean chit after being accused of similar charges before.

Nadim Memon a Former committee member of the Mumbai Cricket Association, wrote a letter to the ombudsman appealing to check into the duo informing the ombudsman that Amre held a managing committee post in the MCA and was on the Delhi Daredevils coaching staff.

He also alleged that Vengsarkar ran private cricket academies in Pune and Mumbai after being appointed as the director of the National cricket academy which is a conflict of interest according to laws.

The ruling of the Ombudsman stated, “Rule 1(A)(B) of the BCCI rules on conflict of interest clearly stipulates that an administrator or his near relative shall not be on the payroll of an IPL franchise.”

An administrator has been defined to include members of the managing committee of the affiliated units of the BCCI as per the report.

The report went on to reveal:

“Mr. Amre’s response that no one had pointed out the potential conflict of interest is untenable in light of the minutes of the managing committee meeting filed by the applicant.”

“The ombudsman reiterates that no administrator (managing committee member) can be on the payroll of an IPL franchise. Hence, the ombudsman is of the view that the application against Mr. Pravin Amre has merit and this is a clear case of conflict of interest. Mr. Amre should not have taken any position on the coaching staff of an IPL franchise, while being an administrator.”

This verdict means that Pravin Amre cannot be in any case affiliated to the Delhi Daredevils or any other IPL team in any way.

He also cannot continue to be a part of the MCA during the next edition of the IPL.

The BCCI was urged to take action on all such defaulters as the IPL franchises were reminded that they “cannot employ any administrator (as defined in the rules) as part of its support staff.”

However, Vengsarkar evaded any action from the ombudsman who revealed: “Since Mr. Vengsarkar is neither part of the selection process nor a coach, there is no conflict of interest in accordance with the BCCI rules of conflict of interest.”

Do you think stricter laws must be in place to avoid conflicts like these on crickets highest stage in the country?