Allan Border was appointed as Australian captain at a time when Australian cricket was undergoing a transformation. The Chappell brothers etired and it needed a special effort from Border to revive Australian cricket. He did well too, winning the World Cup in the sub-continent where his seniors found it tough.

Border, on the other hand was always strict with his players. Any arguement with him was not tolerated and this video is an evidence of it. Craig McDermott just ignored Border and was warned that if he repeats that, he will be sent back home from the tour. This video has the subtitles as well and you may well understand why Craig McDermott later said that Border was the toughest captain he has ever seen.

It was the Ashes of 1993 ad during the practice match, McDermott was having problems with his run-up. McDermott tried to ignore and Border did cut lose.

Also, McDermott was not a junior and was the leader of the pace attack and behaving the way Border did just multiplies his audacity. 

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