Video: Amazing Cricket Shots

Editor Sportzwiki / 02 October 2014

The arrival of T20 cricket into the Gentleman’s game has led to some inventive shotmaking in order to extract extra runs for the team. Here are some of the most amazing shots in cricket :- Eoin Morgan is not just a technically inventive batsman, but he is also cpable of scoring at a quick rate, and his range of strokes and his vision to judge the length of the ball and play inventive strokes makes him a vital middle order batsman for England. In the first stroke, Morgan just reversed his bat and guided the full-length ball from Ravi Rampaul to the fence, while he shuffled across his crease and opened the face of the bat to punish Charl Langeveldt in the second stroke. He went down on one knee to generate the power and flicked it over the keeper for six. Kevin Petersen’s “switch hit” was the subject of considerable controversy as the England batsman changed his grip in order to play the shot. Petersen used a left hander’s grip to generate the power to affect that stroke. Controversial, but still effective. MS Dhoni’s bottom hand grip and his strength allows him to master the helicopter shot. The Indian captain is able to dig out full-length deliveries and launch them into the stands, thanks to the helicopter shot. Dave Warner smashes Ravichandran Ashwin into the stands with a right-handed grip just as the Indian was looking to cramp him up and bowl on a negative line. Sachin Tendulkar has done this to fast bowlers for years now. He utilises their pace, and opens the face of the bat to guide the ball over the keeper and the slips. Brett Lee was at the receiving end on this occasion. Ben Rohrer goes outside the crease (well almost literally) to guide the Clint McKay delivery past fine leg for four. And we end with the wildest shot of them all, Dilshan’s trademark “dilscoop”.

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