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Amir Hussain Lone is batting hold the willow between his shoulder and chin

Amir Hussain Lone was only eight years old when he met an accident and lost both of his arms. It was in 1997, a when baby-faced Amir visited his father’s sawmill, where his father Bashir used to make cricket bat, to deliver lunch to his brother. But, he suffered an accident and lost his both arms. It was a huge blow to his cricketing ambitions. Darkness loomed over his future.

The family then had to sell the business and land to pay for his treatment but still they could not save his arms. His life has become parallel to struggle. From completing education to society’s black eyes always put him in the corner, but Amir fought on and hurdles were not big enough to stop Amir.

Amir, 26, received the reward for his hard fought struggle as he is now the captain of Jammu and Kashmir’s state para-cricket team. Amir worshiped Sachin Tendulkar as his idol and didn’t give up his wish to bat, even though he does not have hands. He holds the bat between his shoulder and chin, and can bowl with his feet, which is similar to a footballer’s stunning volley. He also  found out a way to field too. It was an incredible journey for Amir.

The video, which is given below recalled his journey. It will be least to say it is inspirational. Living in a war-torn Kashmir, it was difficult for him to fulfill his dream in a big sport like cricket and being a handicap it was more difficult.

As a young kid, he wasn’t even able to eat.

Cricket was his passion and when he first played cricket after the accident, people made fun of him and the treatment he received, he terms them “bad”. However, it is a thing of past now and he draws immense support. They say it right that testing conditions bring the best in you.

Amir recounted on his life changing accident. “I was taking some food to my brother who worked there. I used to play with the sawmill machine, but on this occasion both of my arms got entangled in the machine.”

The then eight years old spent three years in hospital and his family earnings dried up paying medical bills. His father who manufactured bat had to shut his business and sell everything.

“People used to talk bad about my son. They used to say I was wasting both my money and time on him, that he was of no use. But he is so dear to me like a part of my body. As a father why do I need wealth when my son is not well?” said an emotional Bashir.

His family supported and encouraged him. Amir’s grandmother convinced him to continue education and even a school a teacher told him that a regular school was not for a physically impaired child like him.

But, hats off to Amir for letting the passion for cricket act as a fuel as he kept on working on his skills and developed a unique technique that brought him and his family laurels.

“I am a supporter of Sachin Tendulkar my inspiration and I want to play like him. My dream is to play for the national team,” Amir signed off.
Watch the video:

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