Video: Curtly Ambrose's 7 wkt for 1 run vs Australia at W.A.C.A, Perth

Sudipta / 21 November 2015

Recently Curtley Ambrose was seen playing in the All-Star Cricket League in the United States of America (USA). The 52-year-old was releasing short pitch deliveries which were neither sharp and neither menacing. But, there was a time when batsmen used to quiver listening to his name.  He dominated the cricket world with menacing and crafted fast bowling for 12 years between 1988 and 2000.

In 1993, West Indies registered their fourth straight Test match victory at Perth’s springboard of a pitch WACA. The Australian team caved in just five minutes before the third-day lunch. The man who destroyed Australia was Curtly Ambrose. The 6 feet 7 inch produced Test cricket’s one of the most devastating spells on the first day of the Frank Worrell Test series that had shaken the Australia.

Ambrose took seven wickets. When ripping apart the Australian batting line up Ambrose conceded just 1 run. His first victim was Allan Border who left in the first delivery of Ambrose after scoring 1 run in 32 balls. Six of the victims were caught either by the wicket keeper or in the slips.

Ambrose’s final figure of the first innings read 10 overs 25 runs 7 wickets and 9 maidens.


Ambrose reduced Australia from 85  for 2 to 119 all out. The true essence of West Indies fast bowler was carried out by Sir Curtly Ambrose. Ambrose has everything that his predecessor Andy Roberts used to have. Ambrose never talked to anybody during his entire cricket career. Journalists around the world tried to find out ferocious fast bowler living in Ambrose, but the he used to say,  “Curtly talk to no man”. His silence and stare to the batsmen were menacing.

Ambrose celebrations were a fascinating sight to watch on a cricket field. He used to release the ball from 10ft. He had extreme pace and variation blended with the subtle seam. His yorkers used to kill all guts of a batsman.

Ambrose played 98 Test matches and has taken 405 Test wickets. Ambrose used to be extra charged when he bowled against England and Australia, who were known as the best rivals of West Indies. It was the fight between West Indies’ bowling versus best batsmen from England and Australia. And Ambrose bowled always with an aim- to prove superiority over the white English and Australian cricketers. 

Watch the video here

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