Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh never shies away from indulging in off-the field activities. known for his jovial and humorous nature, Harbhajan has been seen interacting with celebrities often. He recently met The Great Khali, the former WWE superstar who hails from Himachal Pradesh and became a professional wrestler in the US.

And it seems that the meeting has really motivated the star spinner.
Harbhajan, who is currently not very active in the cricket arena, went to see a match in CWI academy (The Great Khali’s wrestling academy) in Jalandhar’s Kangniwal village and during his visit, one wrestler challenged him. While he is fun loving guy, no one can deny the fact that Harbhajan is equally competitive and aggressive.

And so his decision to accept the challenge was not surprising at all.However, what followed surprised everyone. Seeing the wrestler trying to attack him, Bhajji ducked down and then landed a heavy punch on the wrestler and as a result the wrestler fell down the stage.

Impressed by Bhajji’s wrestling skills, the Great Khali honored the spinner with a ‘gadda’. Later, Harbhajan stated that he doesn’t need to worry about anything since Khali is with him.

The off-spinner had a word of praise for the academy. He appreciated the way the academy is functioning and imparting quality practice to the young wrestlers. Well after watching the video, one can say that no one would dare to challenge Harbhajan on the field again.

Enjoy the video:

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