Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned success on the field in his 10 years of international cricket. He has been playing as a captain most part of his career. He has won 2007 World Cup in his first series as captain, won World Cup 2011 and 2013 Champions Trophy in England defeating England.
In these years, he has also earned the appreciation as one of the best winners. But, he does not only match winner on the field; he was also charming young start who is followed and loved by girls across the country.

He is a handsome cricketer. He got married to Kolkata girl Sakshi Dhoni. But it was a mystery that how they got to know each other and tied the knot. During a Stars Sports talk show, Dhoni was asked about it by his teenage cricket fan. The host of the program was Stuart Binny’s wife Mayanti Langer.
Dhoni is the funny guy off the field, so before answering the unknown fact about their love life, Dhoni asked his fan “Do u have a girlfriend?” married.”

The boy said, No, Dhoni again asked him “Do u want to have a girlfriend.” The boy once agin answered “no” both Mayanti and Dhoni were surprised. However, Dhoni back to his own story and said, “It was a long time back. We are married for four years now. We dated two years before that. This was valentine day time I was in Australia at that point of time. I did not propose her actually. We just having conversations and everything. I tried to put in verse that I like her. But never really went that way. I proposal was instead of saying I love you, I say will you marry me. So will you marry was before I love you.” The entire audience burst into a laugh.

Mayanti interrupted with the tone of inquisition “and She said first time or you need to convince her.”
Dhoni recounted, “Initially she was not really serious about it. We are talking about dating and that time I propose her she became very serious and she knew that fact about that that he serious about me. As a cricketer, people have a different perspective. I had to through all that and finally we got married.”

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Dhoni Talking About How He Married Sakshi <3

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