Video: Plucky Seagull gets in on the action at the Big Bash

Sudipta / 17 December 2015

T20 cricket offers plenty of moments which are not related to cricket but happened on the cricket filed during a thrilling match.

Last season during a Big Bash league match between Perth Scorchers and Melbourne Stars an unwanted cricket fan has understood that the safest place to watch the action was the region between square leg and mid wicket.

It is the story of a curious seagull.

In Australia, seagulls are common during a cricket match. They are not harmful, but can prevent a few crucial boundaries and because of that sometimes they got killed. Most of the time they fly back to avoid getting injured from the ball.

But, in one of the funniest incidents on a cricket field, a seagull showed its chivalry. It stood at the square leg and midwicket region with a gang of other seagulls during a high voltage Melbourne Stars and Perth Scorchers matches at Melbourne Cricket Ground last season.

Perth Scorchers batsman pulled the ball hard through leg side boundary, Stars fileder Rob Quiney was running from sqare leg boundry to field the ball, but the ball was deflected and slowed down, one centerin boundary was stopped by one of the seagulls.

Filelder Rob Quiney came to rescue the Sammy Seagull, which lost its sense. Rob picked its and keep it ouside boundary. But, the Seagull could not resist itself from the actions, it regained its sense and turned its face towrads the action of the match.

Scorchers batsman once again pulled the ball in the same region. Rob filed the ball, but the Sammy Seagull came to help Rob in fealding ball. Everybody in the stands was curious to see what this Seagull wanted to do. It reversed evryone’s attention from cricket. Even the commentators enjoyed the moment. 

Now the incident an adorable memorabilia of Bis Bash League. 

Watch the video here


The Curious Case Of Sammy Seagull

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