Video : Seven instances that prove the smartness of MS Dhoni

Krishna Chopra / 06 August 2016

MS Dhoni is among the most tactically sound individuals around the cricketing fraternity at the moment. India’s limited-overs captain is a cunning and sly individual on the field and despite being behind the stumps, the opposing batsmen need to be aware of his skills. How often have we been fortunate enough to witness Dhoni effecting a stumping within a flash of a second? Those stumpings are just examples of how smart and furtive India’s most successful skipper is on the field.


Thereby, compiling some of Dhoni’s smart moments in a video frame wouldn’t be a bad idea and below, we go through those seven moments which just define the ever shrewdness of MS Dhoni on the field. Speaking of his awareness, it is nearly impossible to look beyond Dhoni’s antics against England quite early on in his career.


The brawny lad from Jharkhand turned a virtual dot ball into two runs out of literally nowhere. After the ball hit Dhoni’s pad, he sped off for a run as soon as he realized that the wicketkeeper would take some time to get to the ball. However, the episode didn’t end there as Geraint Jones, the England wicketkeeper was a tad lazy and stood on the ground. Seeing this, Dhoni took off for an improbable second run, to only make it in the nick of time.


Another episode which deserves a mention is Dhoni’s goalkeeping way of stopping runs behind the wickets. When Kings XI Punjab batsman Manan Vohra tried to delicately cut the ball, Dhoni anticipated that well in advance and stretched his legs like a goalkeeper. As a result, the ball was stopped, preventing some crucial runs behind the wicket.


The video below highlights five more such episodes involving Dhoni’s astuteness. Check the video out now.

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