Three minutes of silence in the fifth Ashes Test at Oval will be observed

Sudipta / 14 August 2015

The gentleman of the game of cricket has died long ago. Nowadays it is by lack of transparency and with oligarchy. The fifth Ashes Test at Kia Oval will start with three minutes of silence to pay tribute. Literally the silence will be hold as a mean of protest to the anachism of Narayan Srinivasan of India, Giles Clarke of England and Wally Edwards of Australia at the World Cricket’s governing body ICC.

The organiser of the protest is the makers of the film Death of a Gentleman that released last month. The film raises some key question about the health of the game’s longest format Test and cronism of the reformed International Cricket Council, which is apparently ruled by three countries – India, England and Australia. Voice of financially weak countries like Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, New Zealand is ignored, keeps associate countries at bay.

Film’s producer Sam Collins said, “we decided on a three minutes silence. “That is one minute for each of the countries that is trying to silence the game’s ordinary supporters. Now the A­shes have been decided, we feel the time is right to protest at the powerlessness of all other countries in the cricket world. Nobody has any power except Narayan Srinivasan, of India, Giles Clarke, of England, and Wally Edwards, of Australia.”

Collins and his co-director Jarrod Kimber asked why nobody asks N Srinivasan to step down while Indian Supreme Court barred him to contest in the president election of BCCI. They also said if any country raised question about Srinivasan’s authority then India will scrap the tour from its calender.

Worried Collins and Kimber said the current ICC mandaris is not willing to expand the game world wide. The 50 over World Cup has been cut short to 10 countries affair in 2019. However, they sound positive about T20 cricket as the game is playing many countries and they are doing realy well. But, the duo is not happy with ICC’s disinterest to include the format in the Olympic. If ICC had pushed the T20 could have been included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. If included cricket could have geart chance to expand the game in East Asia and women and disabled. But, these current ICC mandarins, who think cricket is a medium to show their business calibare, will lose control over the game and will get the share of the profit from the event.

Caption: Women Ashes between England and Australia at Canetrbury, England

Another theme of the film is that Test cricket is dying. It is understood that the film is referring to ICC’s decision to postpone World Test Championship in England in 2013. The event could give Test cricket a great chance to be popular once again, but ICC never did it. Instead it decided the top four will only tour each other till 2017. The thing is that the BIG THREE- BCCI, ECB and CA wants to draw loins pie from the ICC’s annual revenue. They also made it sure that all big tournamnets will held in India, England and Australia till 2023.

The culprit once again is BCCI, who said they are not interested about the World Test Championship.

The film said the game would be safer in the hands of an executive board of seven former cricketers of distinction. They will run the World Cricket without vested interest.

The film makers have launched a petition at their website, It is urging cricket fans to put pressure on governments to demand independent governance at thew ICC. “We ask fans of all nations to stand with us and show their dissatisfaction about the way their game is being run,” says Collins. 

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