Video: Top 4 Finishes of MSD

Yash Agarwal / 28 December 2015

Finishing the game is a skill in itself. It requires nerves of steel, an innovative and creative mind and the self believe to take on any bowler in the world. Most of the cricketers have not been able to master it and that list certainly does not include our Captain Cool, MS Dhoni.

India’s limited overs captain MS Dhoni has won almost every rank, every title and every trophy for India. His list of achievements would probably go on and on and on. But all the trophies and titles he has achieved, credit goes to his calm and composed mind, nerves of steel, innovative thinking and self-belief. Everything that a finisher needs to possess is already there in our captain and he has seldom proved it at several occasions.

His ability to successfully finish the innings and the game has earned him great laurels and his team, great victories and titles. Whenever the team is in a crunch situation, the only man it would look up to, to get the team through, would be our Captain Cool. Let us rewind the clocks back and look at some of the very close and prominent occasions where the destructor has won it for team India quite easily –


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