Video: Virat Kohli takes an astonishing catch to dismiss debutant Roston Chase

Rishav Narang / 26 July 2016


There is a popular saying in cricket that catches win matches, the statement is of the utmost importance on the cricket field as we have seen in past that brilliant catches can turn the force of the match towards the fielding team. If a fielder is able to convert that smallest of the chance into a catch, then it is nothing than a big bonus for the fielding team.


The same was the scenario in the first Test match between India and West Indies. Though the team Indian team was not at all stuck in a difficult situation but the West Indies batsmen were delaying the win by continually blocking the ball thus making Indian fielders stand for long. They were wasting time in order to punish the Indian fielders.


Whilst this the West Indies batsman Roston Chase made a small error and captain Virat Kohli wasted no time to cash it.


Chase was new to the crease and had just started to settle himself. He had already faced six balls and was ready to play the seventh one. Ashwin was on with an attacking field, he bowled one chase on middle stumps which chase easily played towards short mid wicket but mistakenly he played that in the air and Virat Kohli made no delay to dive in for that catch to dismiss Chase.


Kohli dived forward like he is jumping in a swimming pool. He made no mistake and converted that small chance into one of the finest catches taken in this match. After the catch players lauded Virat Kohli for his brilliant effort as Chase was the one who troubled the Indian bowlers in the first innings of the game.



Soon after this, the West Indies batting collapsed once again and they were struggling at 132/8 before again the tailenders came into play and went on to score another 100 runs to delay the win.


In the end, the Indian team won the match by an innings and 92 runs to kick off the Test series on a winning note.