Mr. Nags is not in his usual ‘peas’ mood and in his previous video he announced a war with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) skipper Virat Kohli. He is furious now as he was not invited  for the jersey launch of the side.

He went to the hotel to meet Kohli but bumped on to the most expensive player of this season-Shane Watson, whom he greeted in Kannada. Surprisingly, Watson too replied him in the same language but after looking closely one will find he is just trying mimic what Nags is saying, which makes it funnier. After Watson, Nags got the chances to meet the 18-year-old Sarfaraz Khan a.k.a Panda, who ignored him as Nags is at war with the team.

Finally, Nags got to meet Kohli and denied the fact that he is at a war with the team. He went on to ask Kohli the reason for not having him on the side and the Indian superstar  came up with his answer. Upset at being trolled by the RCB skipper, Nags takes over the M Chinnaswamy Stadium and its staff, who stops work and announce “war”

RCB so far have done a brilliant job amusing the fans with Mr. Nags’ videos and there is more to come in this series. Will the war continue? Or ‘Peas’ follow soon?

Watch this funny video:

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