After his ploy to unsettle Ravindra Jadeja failed on the second day of the ongoing Test in Dharamsala, Australia wicketkeeper Mathew Wade once again tried to get under the skin of the India all-rounder on the third day.

The incident unfolded after the end of 102nd over of the Indian innings. Jadeja was standing at the non-striker’s end and might have said something which prompted Wade to say:” Wait till you come down here (Jadeja was at the non-striker’s end) and say it.

Jadeja did not hit back but was seen murmuring something.

After that, Wade said: “Say it when you come down here, mate.”

With neither of the players willing to let it go, umpire Ian Gould intervened. He said:” Ahh! Excuse me. Ravindra! Come here. Now, there’s no point in starting something.

To which, Jadeja replied:” If he starts it, I’ll give it back. I don’t care.”

In reply, Wade said:” No no, now go on and get a selfie with him at the end of the game.

The comment from Wade led Australia’s close-in fielders to start laughing before Gould asked them to stop it.

He said: “Alright, let’s finish please.”

But Wade was not done yet as he said:“Put it on Instagram as soon as the game finishes.

Australia skipper Steve Smith soon joined the party and tried to unsettle Jadeja by saying:“You know this is his last Test for a while. They go away now.”

Gould once again tried to stop the players. “Mate, are you going to stop that?!”, he said.

In the very next moment, Wade said: “Careful of that sword too, Gunner (Gould).”

The new over began and the conversation ended but it began once again after the end of the over. And this time it was started by Jadeja.

Jadeja:“I don’t understand why the Australian selectors pick you (Wade) for Test.”

In reply, Wade said:“Is that right? I don’t understand why they pick you outside India.”

Jadeja: “You don’t deserve to play in white clothes.”

Wade:”How come you don’t get picked? Why is that?”

Smith:”You don’t deserve to play anywhere but here.”

Jadeja: “I play in India.”

Here is a clip showing everything that transpired after the 102nd over:



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