Video: What happened when a young girl proposed Rahul Dravid

Sudipta / 19 December 2015

During the 1990s when Indian cricket team were comprised of talented cricketers had become a force to reckon with in international cricket. The players used to get the status of Bollywood heroes like today thanks to the boom of TV channels.

Besides performing at the cricket field top Indian players like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were also seen in the TV commercials. For young girls of India, crickets were the most eligible bachelors. The craze for Indian players among the girls still follows.

Once the Indian middle-order batsman Rahul Dravid found a 20-year girl came to him disguised as a TV journalist  from Singapore. She wanted to take the interview for Dravid’s Singapore fans. But, the girl gradually started talking about his passion for the matting legend. 

When thing got thick, the girl proposed Dravid. But, young Dravid was not bowled. He refused the offer and started giving a lesson to the girl. “How old are you?” Rahul got angry as the girl started pampering him. Annoyed Rahul asked the girl “get out” from his room. In the middle girl’s father also entered the room and tried to convince Dravid how much his daughter love the batsman. But, Rahul Dravid being a wise man refused all the offers.

When the drama ended, it was found that a prank was carried on Dravid by anchor Cyrus Broacha for MTV Bakra. So, at the end of prank Rahul Dravid had to be MTV Bakra. 

Watch the funny video here

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