Video: When Anil Kumble with a broken jaw put his country before him 

In the year 2002, May 12 the sight of Anil Kumble emerging from the pavilion, face bandaged, ready to bowl in the Antigua Test. One of the most inspirational moment.

The great Indian spinner rolled his hand for 14 consecutive overs and became the first bowler to dismiss Brian Lara while bowling with a broken jaw. He was scheduled to fly back to Bangalore following day for surgery, and as he said, “At least I can now go home with the thought that I tried my best.          

“It was one of the bravest things I’ve seen on the field of play,” Viv Richards recalled later.

But, what did happen to Kumble?

Batting at No. 7 Kumble was hit on the jaw by Mervyn Dillon. Blood was rolling down from his cheek on the ground but continued batting for another 20 minutes. The series was poised 1-1 and this was the fourth Test. India declared at 553 for 9.

The brave acts on the cricket field are not new, but a few. Colin Cowdrey’s coming out with a  broken hand against West Indies 1963, for example. He didn’t have to face a ball, as his partner saved the Test. But, it is cited for bravery even ahead of Australian Rick McCosker’s batting at No. 10 with a broken jaw, which contributed to his team’s victory in the Centenary Test.

Though, Kumble’s Test was drawn, West Indies declaring at 629 for 9. The reason of coming back to bowling after suffering a serious injury, Kumble said, “ is as fine an example of the self-effacing statement as you will find in cricket.

Watch the video here:

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