Australian media house FOX Sports Australia has compared Virat Kohli to a breed of dog named as 'Vettel'.

Well, that’s true. Not a lie. Media house FOX Sports Australia has come up with some strange, something more offensive than that of Virat Kohli’s accusation on Steven Smith for being faulty on three occasions, something a bit too personal or something which seem to have to cross a line now.

It is been learnt that Virat Kohli and Australia have had issues among them in past, both on and off the field. Relating to what has happened between him and Steven Smith over the DRS-Dressing Room drama, nerves are expected to come in, some harsh words maybe but not him (Virat Kohli) getting compared to a breed of DOG. That’s par an excuse. By any means, this has crossed the line.

The reputed Australian media house seem to lose some followers, now genuine ones, though, given what they have shared on their Facebook page on Saturday. In a post which read “VETTEL OF THE WEEK”, they have given four options. To start with, its Indian skipper Virat Kohli, a Panda, a Puppy and strangely a Kitten.

Call this as an effort of bringing his name down, or trying to humiliate him or maybe trying to bring more cold blood into matter, such a post is not entertained even if it is done to bring fun on the table.

Earlier this week, two of India’s and Australia’s top bosses sat around the table to discuss the matter and to try and shift the focus on the game, on-field game than anything else. Also, it was reported that Virat and Smith agreed to pen down a revival deal of putting the matters to rest and get going with cricket.

However, such remarks or posts seem to portray a different idea about the deal.


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