Indian cricket has undergone huge change after Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken over the captaincy role . A T20 World Cup, a 50 over Wolrd Cup, No.1 rankings in Test cricket  and almost everything came India’s way . But what starts has to end and sooner or later , Mahendra Singh Dhoni has to retire and with him will retire a legendary captain and India will have to look for his successor. 

The first name which comes to everyone’s mind is Virat Kohli, simply because of what he has acheived over the years for India. He has surely cemented his place in all formats of the game and the fact that he has captained India at the junior level adds a bit more to his tally.

But, his IPL captaincy will not do a good to him. Brought under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a calm and composite captain, Virat has done well to follow a different path. By no way , he looks mature as a captain. He is guilty of losing his calm over the bowlers and especially the juniors of the team. It doesn’t help the cause of the juniors. The famous Hindi words are coming too frequently out of him. He is not just a normal Virat Kohli and tries to get the things done as early as possible and is lacking the patience , which is key to captaincy. All the great captains of the game have it and to excel on a long term basis, this is necessary.

Also, the fact that his captaincy does not bring out a best of Virat as a batsman. He is trying to take too much of pressure on himself , which doesn’t help him or his team. His frequent change in the batting order just proves this point .

Virat is an asset to the team and he needs to learn to be patient, controlling himself on the ground, much like MS Dhoni does. He must concentrate on his batting first and learn the art of captaincy. He is the one who needs to decide if it is suitable for him, something which sachin tendulkar did.Captaincy is something which comes natural to someone and one must accept this.

Virat Kohli has a lot of time to ponder over this and get himself included in the great batting captains of all time.

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